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  • We’re Hiring Technicians!


    Technician/Field Service Engineer

    Responsibilities will include:
    • Assist with the assembly and disassembly of automated systems on the shop floor, including control panels, and installation at customer locations.
    • Test and debug robotic systems.
    • Troubleshoot and repair pneumatic and electric tools, robots, PLC’s, and other products.
    • Read electrical schematics for robotic systems and PLC logic programming used in automated systems.
    • Ensure compliance with electrical and safety codes.
    • Provide technical assistance to customers and coworkers ensuring quality workmanship.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.


    • Associates Degree from a Robotics/Automation Engineering Program, or currently enrolled in a Robotics/Automation Engineering program.
    • Excellent mechanical abilities.

    This is a full-time, permanent position with a start date to be determined. Some travel and overnights will be required. Robotics and tool repair and other training will be provided both onsite and at our various vendor locations.

    Candidates should send their resumes to Sue Hamilton

  • Newest addition to the Gorbel Tether Track Fall Protection Line: The Recovery Trolley


    The Recover Trolley™ helps make the moments after a fall safer. The force from the fall causes the trolley to contact the track, inhibiting lateral motion and keeping the worker close to the surface they fell from, making it easier for them to recover on their own. It meets the latest ANSI requirements and is compatible with Gorbel Steel 500 and 1000 lb tracks and Aluminum 250 and 500 lb tracks.

    Contact TTP, your Gorbel dealer in MN, ND, SD, NE, IA, and WI, to upgrade your fall protection system or get a new system in place.

  • Demag to be sold to Konecranes Jan 2017


    Terex Material Handling recently issued a press release and sent a letter to its contacts with an important update on the company's future.  Terex has entered an agreement to sell its Material Handling & Port Solutions business (“MHPS”) to Konecranes.  The transaction is expected to close in January 2017.  Until then, the two will continue to operate as separate and competing companies.

    More information can be found on the Terex website:

    http://www.terex.com/en/investor-relations/index.htm <http://demag-us.us1.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=b4e03241d7902a9e3e179dbb3&id=414dca915b&e=c16f8ceb5d> .

  • Gorbel Easy Arm 660 launched


    Technical Tool Products is pleased to offer a higher capacity version of one of our most popular material handling products.  The Gorbel Easy Arm, now available in 660 lb capacity, is a popular choice because of its ease of movement, superior ergonomics, attractive price point, and easy installation.

    The new 660 lb is a great choice for the following applications:

    • automotive, chassis, powertrain components
    • Heavy Equipment manufacturing such as construction and mining
    • Oil & gas industry (tubing/piping and drill heads/valving)
  • Accountant position available at TTP


    The following position is open at TTP.  To apply, please email a resume to mcarlson@technicaltoolproducts.com.


    This position will be responsible for a variety of general accounting functions for two companies. Responsibilities will include accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, general ledger review, bank reconciliations, sales tax filing and journal entries.

    • Process accounts payable invoices.
    • Generate checks in a timely and efficient manner.
    • Perform billing functions, as required.
    • Reconcile bank statements.
    • Follow up on past due accounts receivable.
    • Manage credit card bill collection, reconciliation and payment process.
    • Prepare monthly journal entries, select work papers and internal financial reporting for review.
    • Review invoices for proper sales and use tax.
    • File sales and use tax returns.
    • Oversee 1099 reporting and reconciliation requirements.
    • Respond to various accounting related inquiries in a timely manner.
    • Perform special projects and other duties, as assigned.

    • 1-2 years of accounting experience or education.
    • Attention to detail.
    • Excellent communication skills.
    • Ability to manage their workload and prioritize tasks. 
    • Proficiency with Word, Excel, and Outlook, accounting ERP software.

  • TTP purchases PRI Robotics



    On Friday, December 18, Technical Tool Products purchased the assets of PRI Robotics, a robotics company located in Plymouth, MN.  TTP and PRI Robotics have been involved in negotiations for a few months, and the sale was completed on the 18th. 

    PRI Robotics & Automation is now a new company under the same ownership at Technical Tool Products.  The new company is called PRI Robotics & Automation, which distinguishes it from the old company, which was PRI Robotics.

    TTP has already moved its office into PRI's current location at 2440 Fernbrook Lane N, Plymouth, MN 55447.

  • Gorbel Launches a Mobile Fall Protection Solution


    Today Gorbel launched a new fall protection solution, the Ranger Mobile Anchor.  The unit first debuted at the ProMat Show in Chicago back in March, has appeared at two safety trade shows since then, and has generated a great deal of interest from end-users.

    The Ranger can be towed to the worksite by a pickup or anything with a trailer hitch.  The system can set the system up in a matter of minutes.


    • Combination of steel and aluminum for superior strength/weight ratio
    • Weight 2,685 lbs.
    • Adjustable from height 18-22 ft.
    • Max. capacity 310 pounds; Maximum Arresting Force 900 pounds
    • Indoor/outdoor use
    • Integral outriggers provide firm support on work surface
    • Permits a 30 degree work area from anchor point
    • Dimensions when towed: Length 15'3", Height 6'6", width 5'6"
    • Dimensions in use: Length 11' (excluding reach), Width of unit with outriggers extended 11'

  • MD&M Medical Trade Show


    Technical Tool Products will be exhibiting at the MD&M Minneapolis show, a trade show for the medical device manufacturing industry.

    Enjoy free expo admission for you and your colleagues! Join us November 4-5, 2015 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN.

    MD&M Minneapolis 2015 is your direct access to hundreds of industry-leading suppliers, the latest products and technology, a multitude of networking opportunities, comprehensive educational content, and much more.

    To take advantage of complimentary expo admission, please use this link:

    We look forward to seeing you at MD&M Minneapolis!


  • Gorbel Easy Arm: Increased Capacity to 660 lbs


    Coming mid-October, Gorbel will be expanding the product line to include a 660 lb. Easy Arm.

    The current Easy Arm comes in capacities of 165 and 330 lbs. Customers have been asking for a larger capacity unit and Gorbel has been working towards that goal.
    This heavier option will address a wide variety of applications, including:
    • Automotive powertrain and chassis components 
    • Diesel engine and truck assembly
    • Heavy equipment manufacturing
    • Aircraft engine assembly

  • By the Numbers: The facts and figures you need to know about fall protection


    Each year, falls from height are among the most dangerous, and most common workplace hazards. Fortunately, there is a wide range of available equipment to protect those working at height. Unfortunately, selecting what type of system to implement can be one of the more overwhelming questions that company decision-makers must address. There are a multitude of regulations and standards to comply with, a huge selection of fall protection options, and a smattering of numbers to crunch before making the final call—product cost, labor cost, spatial dimensions, etc.

    This webinar will help companies understand the meaningful numbers relevant to fall protection, from the industry regulations and legal obligations required of companies to what weight limits exist on various systems. Companies will learn a variety of things that can keep the workplace safer, and how to prepare a rescue plan in the event that something does go wrong. The presentation will expand to include training and inspection requirements and show how decision-makers can use hard-hitting figures to make the workplace a safer environment for everyone.

    DATE: July 23, 2015
    TIME: 2:00PM ET - 1:00PM CT - 11:00AM PT



    Kevin Duhamel Gorbel Tether Track™ Product Manager
    Kevin Duhamel is a North American product manager with Gorbel Inc. Kevin has more than 15 years of safety industry experience and expertise and has specialized in fall protection since 2008. He is a certified fall protection–competent trainer and inspector.

    To discuss fall protection systems relevant to your individual application, contact Technical Tool Products. We are a regional Gorbel dealer, working with customers in Minnesota, Nebraska, North & South Dakota, and parts of Iowa and Wisconsin.

  • Atlas Copco webinar TOMORROW - Tool Positioning System (error-proofing)


    The Atlas Copco Tool Positioning System (TPS) is an error-proofing system based on positioning and bolt sequencing. TPS provides operator guidance for assembly operations to achieve zero-fault assembly.

    TPS at a glance:

    • Controls tightening sequence and position
    • Fast, easy set-up and programming
    • 50 jobs, 500 positions
    • OK/NOK signal on positions and on job
    • The tool will not start when it's out of position
    • Batch count together with OK/NOK on position
    • Works together with Atlas Copco electric tools and RE controlled pneumatic tools
    • Save and upload set-up to a PC
    • ESD approved

    To learn more, tune in to the free webinar tomorrow Wed 4/30/15 at 7:00 am Central time or 3:00 pm central time. If you can't make it at the times below, call TTP to get in touch with your local Atlas Copco rep who can give you all the information you need and even arrange for you to try a demo of this system.

    Register at the links below

    7:00 AM session: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3448141398594004226

    3:00 PM session: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5139115515322817538

  • Grants for safety improvements available from states of MN and ND


    Manufacturers in Minnesota and North Dakota have the opportunity to improve worker safety in their plants at a significantly lower cost to the company due to grant programs offered by the state governments. In Minnesota, the grant is offered through the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (MDLI) and in North Dakota, it is offered through North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI.)

    The two programs differ somewhat in their requirements to qualify for the grant and how much funding is provided. However, both focus on improving worker safety through prevention rather than post-injury compensation efforts. The funds come from fines levied against employers or insurance companies for improper conduct regarding workplace injury or worker’s comp.

    The North Dakota grant focuses more on ergonomics specifically, whereas the Minnesota grant has a broader category of safety. For either category, many of TTP’s material handling solutions would fit the bill. Schmalz vaccum lifting technology or Gorbel’s G-force intelligent lifting technology both eliminate worker strain and are so user-friendly that workers are not tempted to bypass it in favor of manual lifting. Our exoskeletal arm from 3-arm makes a worker’s arms feel weightless, even when holding heavy tooling or holding his/her arms up for a length of time. In Minnesota, fall protection (such as the Gorbel Tether Track) is also specifically named as an eligible use of funds. Our numerous offerings involving cranes, hoists, manipulators, and more can also satisfy this requirement.   Since the grant application process focuses on areas where improvements would have the most impact, it’s best to have your TTP sales rep visit your plant to consult with you on where a new product would have the most impact.

    To view the guidelines and grant details for your state, visit the follow links.
    In Minnesota: http://www.dli.mn.gov/Wsc/grants.asp
    In North Dakota: https://www.workforcesafety.com/employers/grants/ergoinitiativeoverview.asp

    Then contact TTP to set up your free workplace analysis.

  • Demag V-Type Crane Wins iF Design Award


    Congratulations to our vendor partner, Demag for winning this award!  Technical Tool Products is proud to sell and support the industry's top products such as Demag's v-type crane and other material handling systems.  Contact TTP, your upper-midwest Demag Distributor to learn more about this product and see for yourself why it was chosen for this award.

    Wetter, Germany,   February 10 2015

    • Innovative crane girder design convinces the jury
    • Internationally acknowledged award
    • Sophisticated design makes the crane more precise, lighter and more durable

    The Demag V-type crane has won the internationally renowned iF Design Award for its outstanding design. The award pays tribute to the innovative V-type construction of the crane girder, which is based on bionic principles. In a similar way to bone structure, the design only utilises material where it is necessary. Depending on requirements, the new girder design can be adapted with millimetre accuracy to the height of existing or planned buildings. This versatility facilitates simple implementation in existing production bays and greater freedom for planning new buildings.

    The distinguished jury consisting of members from 20 countries recognised the crane in the Industry/Skilled Trades category of the award’s Product discipline. “The award demonstrates that our new Demag V-type crane design truly represents a revolution in the market and that industrial cranes can also achieve new levels of design excellence”, explains Andreas Hambrock, Head of the Universal Cranes business line at Terex Material Handling. “At the same time, the optimised crane girder design makes it more precise, lighter and more durable than other universal cranes.”

    Exhibition in Hamburg

    As an award winner, the Demag V-type crane will be shown at the iF design exhibition in Hamburg’s HafenCity from 28 February to 7 June 2015. The award ceremony will be held in Munich on 27 February. iF International Forum Design GmbH has been recognising excellent design and outstanding design achievements with its iF Design Award for more than 60 years. Candidates have to meet strict criteria in order to win the renowned award. 2015 saw a total of some 5,000 submissions from 53 countries.

    The Demag V-type crane features a V-shaped design that includes vertical struts and tapered diaphragm joints. This construction reduces crane oscillation by 30 per cent, enabling loads to be positioned more quickly and precisely. The optimised use of material to meet specific load requirements also cuts the crane’s deadweight by an average of 17 per cent and doubles its service life to more than 500,000 changes of load. Terex Material Handling has patents pending for the new technologies incorporated in the Demag V-type crane.

  • Atlas Copco Results Scan Webinar


    Mike Lewandowski joins the Atlas Copco Webinar Training Series to talk about Results Scan.

    How statistically capable are joints dynamic torque?
    Do you struggle setting up angle limits?

    If Atlas Copco could provide a tangible method of evaluating problem joints at a customers location would you be interested?
    If we could provide higher level Production Optimization products would you be interested?

    Would you like the ability to differentiate our product even further over the competition?

    Then please attend the Results Scan Webinar....

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

    Please register for Atlas Copco presents - Results Scan Webinar on Jan 22, 2015 8:00 AM EST at:


    Please register for Atlas Copco presents - Results Scan Webinar on Jan 22, 2015 4:00 PM EST at:


  • Ubisense Survey Finds Nearly 85 Percent of Manufacturers Cite Worker Error for Quality Control Issue


    Ubisense reveals findings of its 2014 Smart Manufacturing Technologies Survey

    DENVER — Oct. 9, 2014 — Only 20 percent of manufacturers today rely on objective data to make decisions about process changes. This issue is among several uncovered by the 2014 Smart Manufacturing Technologies Survey, commissioned by Ubisense (AIM: UBI), a global leader in location intelligence solutions. Eighty percent of survey respondents said they rely on team observations to support process improvement initiatives, meaning the majority of manufacturers rely on subjective, rather than objective, data when making changes to their manufacturing processes.

    In fact, only 16 percent of respondents indicated that they rely on sensors that measure process flow and provide objective data. This lack of data may be a contributing factor in the challenge to optimize production. The lack of flow optimization is evident when 54 percent of respondents reported that up to 10 percent of cycle time per product is non-value-added process waste. This means if it takes eight hours to manufacture one car, 48 minutes is simply wasted time.
    Furthermore, in operations where products may run through a repair or rework process, the survey revealed that almost 15 percent of manufacturers don’t prioritize product repairs at all. The repair process is one which typically receives far less technology investment than the primary manufacturing process but can be a source of significant waste.

    “Moving to proactive, data-driven flow optimization is a key step on the road to Industry 4.0, the next Industrial Revolution,” said Adrian Jennings, CTO of real-time location intelligence solutions for the Americas, Ubisense. “While there is a lot of industry excitement around the technological advancements that Industry 4.0 will bring, this survey revealed that most manufacturers are far from 4.0 status. Today manufacturers need to focus on automating their systems and gaining a more valuable, objective level of visibility so they can better optimize their workflow and reduce errors in their processes.”

    In addition to restricted ability to optimize processes, lack of data traceability is also a key issue for many manufacturers. The survey revealed that nearly 50 percent of manufacturers do not match torque records to specific products. In assembly plants, torque operations are critically important. Without data linking results to products, there is no way to identify systemic errors. Perhaps even more important, there is no way to respond to warranty spikes or recalls without the traceability of quality metrics.

    To learn more about the findings of the 2014 Smart Manufacturing Technologies Survey, join a free webinar on October 23, hosted by Ubisense. To register, select the preferred time based on location.

    Europe: 10 a.m. BST: http://bit.ly/1u6ncfz
    Americas: 10 a.m. EDT: http://bit.ly/1pCHQO2

    Access the complete survey results at http://bit.ly/1vpRUPm.

  • New Atlas Copco Beveling Tool - LSB38


    Atlas Copco launched a new beveling tool called the LSB 38 earlier this week.  LSB 38 is an excellent combination of power, design, durability and ergonomics for chamfering, deburring and giving radius edges to metal plates in stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium.

    • Milling Head 45°- made of special alloy to get best Power to weight ratio
    • Guide bearing – designed to suit the specific operation gives perfect finish to beveled or radius edge
    • Carbide Inserts with eight cutting edges gives unmatched productivity
    • Rear Exhaust to direct air away from operator
    • Powerful (1.7 hp) motor , equipped with speed governor
    • Safety Lever to avoid unintentional start
    • Built in Spindle Lock for the ease of changing guide bearing and carbide inserts with just one tool
    • Low clearance compact head with unique scale for easy adjustment of cutting width and radius
    • Ergonomically designed Support Handle to give controlled and comfortable operation
    • Cutting width Adjustment ring for quick adjustment of bevel width or radius.

    SPECS for LSB38 S085 Beveling Tool
    Bevel width : up to 8mm
    Milling radius : upto 4mm
    Power : 1.7 hp
    Spindle speed : 8500 RPM
    Weight : 5.5 lbs
    • Mills carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
    • Mills contours and cutouts
    • Adjustable depth control
    • Indexable carbide inserts with 8 edges.
    • Standard 45°milling head

    Beveling gives you a sound welded joint with optimum amount of weld in place for maximum strength.

    Rounded edges of metal surfaces gives you proper thickness of coatings and avoid not only corrosion but protects edge from chipping.

    As experts in the field of material removal, and our region’s exclusive Atlas Copco tool dealer, Technical Tool Products is equipped to help you with your material removal needs.  We serve MN, NE, ND, SD, IA, and WI.  To get pricing on this tool and be connected with a sales engineer, you can call us at 952-974-3042 or fill out our request a solution form.

  • Harrington Hoists Distributor


    Technical Tool Products has added another new vendor to our product offerings – Harrington Hoists and Cranes.  Harrington Hoists is one of the oldest, most established hoist and crane suppliers in the U.S. market today.  The company was founded in 1825 and since then has grown into a market leader known for its innovative, high-quality products.

    Harrington Hoists products include electric and air powered chain hoists and trolleys, electric wire rope hoists and trolleys, lever hoists, manual hand chain hoists, push and geared trolleys, overhead cranes, crane accessories and a full line of replacement parts. Harrington Hoists, Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

    For more information about cranes and hoists, contact Technical Tool Products, your Harrington Hoists distributor in Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.  We can help you decide among the many crane and hoist options available on the market.  We also carry Gorbel, Demag, and Atlas Copco, so you know you won’t have to deal with aggressive marketing of one brand over another.  Our sales engineers can analyze your needs and suggest the best product for you, or help you navigate the options.  To get started, give us a call or fill out our request a solution form.  Your local sales rep will get back to you quickly.

  • Ergotech distributor


    Technical Tool Products is now a distributor for Ergotech, a company specifically dedicated ergonomic technology.  It's easy to see why this partnership is such a great fit for TTP.  Likewise, we are also dedicated to ergonomics and safe material handling.  Our customers rely on us to bring them the best technology in these areas, so the partnership will benefit all parties involved.

    Ergotech is based out of Conneticut, USA, and their mission is to create a safer work environment, no matter what size or shape, weight or type of material. 
    Their products are invented and produced here in the USA.  These unique technologies focus on lifting and material handling, which result in less operator strain or fatigue as well as fewer injuries.

    Ergotech’s unique products are suited for the most robust and heavy-duty applications and is found in use at major companies such as Boeing, Sikorsky, General Electric, Honda, Goodrich, Harley-Davidson, Raytheon, Texas Instruments, Gillette and many more.

    The products they produce include multi-directional conveyor rollers, telescopic lift systems, compact lift / transporters, as well as manual, motorized, or programmable Work Positioners.

    For more information about Ergotech and its products, contact TTP - your NEW Ergotech supplier in MN, WI, ND, SD, NE and IA.  We are excited to share this new technology with you!

  • New Improvements to Gorbel Trolley and End Truck Wheels


    Gorbel has recently made some slight modifications to their wheels that will improve the push/pull forces of our trolleys and end trucks. These wheels are being phased in over the next few months with some capacities shipping now.

    The changes they made are barely noticable to the naked eye.  They mainly pertained to the tolerances of the wheel that, among other things, affected how the wheel contacts the track for easier rolling. For some of the capacities they have also changed the axles and added spacers to insure the correct wheel positioning on the track. Wheel kits will be available to ease replacement in the future and guarantee you have all of the parts that you need for replacement.

    Gorbel did not make any changes to the Duracomp 4® wheel material. Duracomp 4® has proven to deliver great, consistent performance even after years of usage.

    The product that we have in the field right now performs well so there is no need to replace wheels on trolleys or end trucks that are currently being used. The replacement kits are available to replace your current wheels when needed.

  • Atlas Copco to acquire Henrob self-pierce riveting business


    Stockholm, Sweden, August 13, 2014: Atlas Copco U.K. Holding Ltd., Atlas Copco North America LLC and Atlas Copco Asia Pacific Pty Ltd. have signed an agreement to acquire all entities of self-pierce riveting specialist Henrob with main facilities in the U.S. and the U.K. The acquisition offers Atlas Copco an opportunity to expand in a fast-growing market segment, with state-of-the art technology.

    Henrob is a pioneer and market leader in self-pierce riveting, a mechanical fastening process for joining two or more sheets of material where welding is difficult, e.g. aluminum. The company, which is privately owned, had revenues of MUSD 162 (MSEK 1 063) in a 12 months period ending June 2014 and about 400 employees. The acquisition is subject to certain governmental approvals and is expected to close in the third quarter 2014.

    The self-pierce riveting segment is expanding fast due to the growing use of lightweight materials in the automotive and other industries, a trend driven by increasingly stringent emission standards. Automakers are working hard to improve fuel economy, and weight reduction using aluminum is an effective measure in meeting these requirements.

    “Henrob is a strategic fit in our portfolio of adjacent fastening technologies for the automotive industry,” said Mats Rahmström, President of Industrial Technique business area. “It is a logical addition to our automotive body shop business. Now we can serve customers with three assembly technologies: tightening, adhesives and self-pierce riveting.”

    Henrob is a supplier to some of the leading auto manufacturers in Europe and North America. Atlas Copco’s global footprint will open up possibilities to serve customers in more markets. Henrob will become a business line within the MVI Tools and Assembly Systems division in the Industrial Technique business area. The brand will be kept.

    As an Atlas Copco supplier, Technical Tool Products will be offering these products as soon as they become available to us.  Watch our news section or subscribe to us on social media to be notified when these products are available to purchase.

  • Total Cost of Ownership Webinar


    Join us for a Webinar on August 21

    Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

    Desiree Gibson joins the Webinar Training Series to talk about the Total Cost of Ownership. Over the next 5 years, what is the real cost of owning your tool?  How do labor, maintenance, rework and repairs factor in to the Total Cost of Ownership?  How does the upfront cost of a tool compare to your total expense of owning it? 

    This webinar is presented by Atlas Copco.  Technical Tool Products is the sole supplier of Atlas Copco industrial tools & equipment in MN, NE, SD, and ND.  We also cover parts of IA and WI.  Contact us after the webinar to have a personalized discussion on this topic.

    Please feel welcome to share this webinar invitation with your colleagues.
    Title: Total Cost of Ownership
    Date: Thursday, August 21, 2014
    Time: 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM EDT
    After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.
    System Requirements
    PC-based attendees
    Required: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server

    Mac®-based attendees
    Required: Mac OS® X 10.6 or newer

    Mobile attendees
    Required: iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or Android tablet


  • Fall Protection for indoor & outdoor applications


    To efficiently address unique needs of the market, the Tether Track™ Freestanding Cantilevered Monorail line has been expanded to include as standard:

    - Longer spans
    - Wind and ice load design
    - Taller trolley saddles
    - Durable interior track coating
    - Easy to level and install
    - Corrosion resistant hardware

    These cantilevered systems with standard heights from 16’ to 26’ are ideal for outdoor applications such as loading/unloading of rail cars or flatbed trucks, cleaning and maintenance activities throughout the transportation industry, along with numerous other applications. With standard lengths available up to 204’, these cantilevered systems are available in single track and dual track styles.

    Single person systems provide stable, easily accessible fall protection when used with a retractable lifeline and full body harness, while two-person systems are available in both single and dual track configurations. Dual track systems allow workers to easily pass one another without detaching from the system, thus maintaining safety and productivity. As in the case with all Tether Track™ Systems, an industry-leading ten-year warranty is standard.

    Each of the self-supported, Tether Track™ Monorail Systems includes:
    - Monorail with splice joints and end stops
    - Hanger Brackets
    - Support Assemblies
    - Tether Trolley(s)
    - Hardware

    The cantilevered supports provide unobstructed access to the fall protection system. This combined with the popular enclosed track design keeps the tether track trolleys easily rolling by eliminating drag from dirt, ice, snow or other debris. This means that users have a free range of motion throughout
    their work activities and their tie-off point remains overhead. Tie-off being overhead is critical to a safe fall arrest by eliminating injury from swing falls and by reducing the clearance requirement necessary to account for a swing fall.

    In addition to the numerous features that allow workers to select just the right system for their particular application, an array of outdoor coatings is available including a durable outdoor primer/paint (standard), epoxy coating, or galvanized finish.  For more information on Gorbel tether track fall arrest systems, call Technical Tool Products, your Gorbel distributor in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

  • Gorbel Workstation Crane improvements


    As part of their continuous improvement efforts, Gorbel has recently made modifications in the design of our work station crane products. Integral parts of the system were analyzed, tested, and tweaked where necessary in order to optimize performance. The result of the intensive process that involved all parts of the system including trolleys, wheels, bridge and runway weldments, and end trucks is that the Gorbel system moves easier than ever.

    The result of these efforts means significant productivity ratio improvements from 35-50% across all track Series, from 250 to 2000.

    This extensive initiative involved individuals from numerous departments across the Gorbel organization, and is just one of the ways Gorbel aims to be your preferred supplier and continue to be “A Class Above” in the material handling industry.

    Technical Tool Products is a Gorbel supplier serving Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.  Contact us today to order the new work station crane products!

  • Gorbel expands Tether Track fall protection line


    To meet the demands of applications calling for long spans and outdoor design, Gorbel recently expanded their Tether Track line of fall protection anchorage systems. The additions include freestanding cantilevered monorails in standard lengths up to 204’, longer trolley saddles, and designs with built-in wind and ice factors. These new systems are ideal for outdoor applications such as loading/unloading flatbeds, railroad car maintenance; or for any activity requiring longer spans, whether outdoors or indoors.

    By expanding the line to include these systems as part of their standard offering, the goal is to continue to serve the market with industry-leading lead times, while simultaneously offering products built with the exact job requirements in mind. Additionally, numerous options including a special primer/paint combination, epoxy, or galvanized coating are available for maximum protection in most environments. 

    As one of the leading suppliers of Gorbel in MN, WI, NE, SD, ND, and IA, Technical Tool Products can guide and advise you through the process of picking a Gorbel fall arrest system.  We offer competitive prices on Gorbel Products and our sales engineers have the training and experience to help you pick the best product for your application.   Our value-added business model also includes support and service as well as other benefits.  Head over to the Gorbel section of our website and take a look at the Value of Choosing TTP as your Gorbel Distributor, then scroll down to the Tether Track Fall Protection Systems for more information on Gorbel's fall protection products.

  • TTP Staffing Update


    The last two months have been very eventful for TTP, as we said goodbye to some great employees and gained a few new ones.

    Alex Tiffany (Sales Support / Engineering) left TTP to start a new job in a new field.  Alex earned his college degree in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and was very excited when he was offered an opportunity to work in this field.  His last day was April 4th.  Brandon Renner will be filling this role beginning June 2nd.

    Jesse Umbreit (Service Coordinator) and his family recently moved to Texas.  His replacement is James Taylor.

    Bruce Lamirande (Service Technician) will be retiring soon after many years of service.  Bruce has been with TTP since 2005, when he helped found our service center.

    Wes Derrick (Regional Sales Manager) is a recent graduate from Iowa State University with a major in Mechanical engineering with a minor in sales engineering.  He began working at TTP in mid May.

    James Taylor (Service Technician) is replacing Jesse in the service center.  His first day was May 12th.   He has completed Atlas Copco Electric Tool Training with flying colors and is well into his third week contributing to our service center.

    David Peck (Service Technician) is also joining our service center team on June 2nd.  He will be our future pneumatic tool repair technician.

    Brandon Renner (Inside Sales Support Engineering Specialist) beings work on June 2nd.  He recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Intelligent Lifting Devices Webinar


    Lighten Your Load: New Lifting Technology Maximizes Safety, Ergonomics, and Productivity

    Gorbel's recent webinar is now available on demand online.  This webinar explores the ergonomic benefits of Intelligent Lifting Devices (ILDs). The presentation will:

    Provide a brief history of the evolution of lifting devices
    Contrast new-age systems with traditional lifting counterparts
    Explore the safety and productivity advantages of ILDs
    The session will also demonstrate how ILD technology has been applied in a variety of real world environments and discuss what specific drivers have led businesses to adopt the technology. Finally, the session will qualify the investment of ILDs with statistics on increased productivity and reduced product damage.

    About the Speaker: Mark Grandusky, Gorbel Product Manager, G-Force Systems Mark Grandusky is a G-Force Systems Product Manager with Gorbel Inc. Mark has more than 13 years of material handling experience and expertise. His knowledge of lifting technology is widely recognized in the material handling industry, having been called upon as an expert by a number of trade publications. Mark served in the United States Navy from 1985 to 1992.

    This free webinar is available at http://ehstoday.com/webinar/lighten-your-load-new-lifting-technology-maximizes-safety-ergonomics-and-productivity.  To view it, click register here and complete the registration process.  You will then be able to view a recording of the webinar.

    For more information on Intelligent Lifting Devices, contact Technical Tool Products.  TTP is an authorized distributor of Gorbel in Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.  We have Gorbel products available to demo in your facility including a demo G-Force unit.  We also sell lifting and material handling products from other manufacturers, and our engineers will help you choose the best system for your application.

  • Introducing the revolutionary KAW 2E7 Hydraulic Pump from Rapid-Torc


    Introducing the revolutionary KAW 2E7  Pump from Rapid-Torc. 

    • The KAW 2E7 is available in 220V and 115V configurations.  
    • The pump is two stages and uses three pistons to produce exceptional high flow while under working pressure.  
    • This pump is fast, lightweight and durable.  
    • The pumps performance is simply revolutionary.  Heat effects pump performance and efficiency.  The KAW 2E7 Pump is revolutionary in that instead of dumping the oil back into the reservoir via a relief valve, thus building heat, the KAW 2E7 Pump has a neutral position where the oil is cooled.  Where the competitive pumps build heat, we cool.  This ensures superior performance, flow and accuracy.  
    • The pump features a maintenance free brush less motor, an integral cooler, robust remote control and pulls less than 15 AMPS in the 115 version.

    Rapid-Torc is part of the Atlas Copco group.  They manufacture hydraulic torque tools, pumps, and accessories.  Technical Tool Products is the exclusive distributor of Atlas Copco tools in the upper midwest, serving the states of MN, WI, IA, NE, SD, and ND.  Our Atlas Copco page has more information about these products, or you can also contact us to discuss your unique application with a sales engineer in your area.

  • New Product - Lewco Skewed Roller CDLR


    Here’s a problem solver. The skewed roller conveyor will move product to one side, edge-aligning it and squaring it up at the same time. The chain box is capped with UHMW to allow the product to slide against it with reduced friction. Rollers are chain driven for positive drive.

    Also present on this unit is a pneumatically actuated turning post, or “bump turn.” This post, when combined with the skewed rollers, will rotate the product 90 degrees and re-align it to the side. The pneumatic cylinder allows it to be disengaged when product does not need to be rotated.

    To learn more, contact Technical Tool Products, your Lewco dealer for Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. We are experts in material handling and conveyors, and are able to assist you with selecting the right product for you.  We can even create custom conveyor solutions to meet the unique challenges of your application. Request a solution, contact us, or browse our product pages to learn more about what TTP can do for you.

  • Atlas Copco New Product - GTG 25 Sander


    On Thursday 3/20/14, Atlas Copco launched their new GTG25 sander.  The sander joins the 5” and 7” grinder to complete the line of the new turbine powered GTG25s.

    More efficient than a conventional vane grinder motor, the two stage turbine motor in the GTG25 performs with extremely high efficiency, leading to great material removal. A speed governor ensures optimum process speed, process time is cut to a minimum.

    Weighing just over five pounds, the 7" sander provides 3.4 hp.  This is simply unprecedented power-to-weight. 

    The GTG25 offers an array of unique ergonomic advantages including: an autobalancer, dual-action spindle-lock/adjustable wheel guard button, and single motion safety latch on the trigger.

    A compact design leads to greater visibility and an increase in productivity.  The right angle design allows operators to use the tool with straight wrists.

    Sales Engineers at Technical Tool Products have received special training from Atlas Copco to ensure that they have excellent product knowledge on this sander.  This knowledge, paired with their experience providing material removal solutions, makes them well-equipped to help you make the best decision regarding your grinding, sanding, deburring, or other material removal needs.  Technical Tool Products is the exclusive distributor for Atlas Copco tooling in Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.  Contact us today to be connected with a sales engineer in your area.

  • Tri-Motion Industries’ New Vacuum Lifter Now Available from TTP


    Tri-Motion Industries now offers the BASIC Energy Efficient Universal Vacuum Fixture.  The BASIC is a turn-key vacuum fixture solution, with high-end features.  It is primarily designed for lifting cardboard carton boxes and sacks, making it perfect for many applications such as warehouses and distributions centers.

    Many different suction cup assemblies are available — single cups, double cups, and quadruple cups. Some assemblies offer endless rotation, others allow the orientation of the load to be pivoted 90 degrees from vertical.

    As soon as the vacuum head lands on the load, it is automatically attached and ready to lift.

    The intuitive "up" and "down" buttons are ergonomically located right under the operator's index finger.  This works equally well for left handed and right handed operators, and the speed of the load is proportional to how far the operator depresses the buttons.

    The BASIC intelligently senses when the vacuum pump should run, and turns it on only at that time. This will save upwards of 80% of a user’s energy costs, compared to vacuum end effectors which waste valuable energy by running the vacuum pump constantly.

    Maximum Load: 110 Lbs.
    Lift Height: 5 ft
    Pressure Rating: 100 PSI
    Rotation of Vacuum Head: Endless
    Noise Level – Carton: 55 dB
    Noise Level – Air Tight: 0 dB

    Measurements: Bal-Trol and BASIC
    The Bal-Trol ® air hoist and the BASIC work together to create a “dream machine” unlike any other arrangement on the market.

    The BASIC has many built-in safety features. It will not allow a load to be lifted if the vacuum level is below a certain level. If the vacuum level drops during lifting, the BASIC will automatically lower the load at a slow controlled rate.

    The BASIC also has two different safety modes for releasing the load. For maximum safety, the BASIC will not release a load until the load is completely at rest on a supporting surface. There is also an option which allows the BASIC to release a load even though it is not at rest on a surface reducing cycle-time in certain applications. Both modes require the operator to provide a distinct push on the red release button before the load will be released.

    The quick connection makes BASIC multi-facetted. The user switches applications in an instant for the different loads, materials, weights and sizes. The hook is always there, easily flips down, when a vacuum cup can’t get a grip.

    Single Vacuum cup (small, medium, or large)
    H-Frame (small or medium)
    I-Frame (small, medium, or large)
    Sack Frame (medium)

    Contact TTP, your local Tri-Motion Industries supplier today to learn more.  We supply Tri-Motion Industries' products such as Bal-trol and BASIC to the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa.  Call us today or request a solution from info@technicaltoolproducts.com

  • Power Focus 4000 Tips & Tricks


    Do you use Atlas Copco's Power Focus 4000 controllers for your Tensor electric nutrunners? If so, you will not want to miss the newest webcast from Atlas Copco, in which Tim Copacia demonstrates several tips, tricks, and shortcuts that will make your job easier! 

    Please feel welcome to pre-submit your questions to: ryan.simmons@atlascopco.com

    Register for a session now by clicking a date below:
    Tue, Apr 1, 2014 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM EDT
    Tue, Apr 1, 2014 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDT

    Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar.

    System Requirements
    PC-based attendees
    Required: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server 

    Mac®-based attendees
    Required: Mac OS® X 10.6 or newer 

    Mobile attendees
    Required: iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or Android tablet

    The PowerFocus 4000 is a control system for Atlas Copco Tensor electric nutrunners. Both the PF4000, Electric nutrunners, and a variety of other pneumatic and electric assembly tools, are available from Technical Tool Products, your local Atlas Copco distributor. TTP is the exclusive Atlas Copco tooling distributor for Minnesota, Nebraska, North & South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.  Contact us today for more information regarding Atlas Copco tools and other assembly solutions and material removal products.

  • ToolsNet 4000 training from Atlas Copco


    Atlas Copco's most recently announced episode in their webinar training series will focus on ToolsNet4000.  ToolsNet is a process monitoring and analysis software that enhances productivity by giving users the capability to monitor, document, analyse, and continuously improve the tightening process on their assembly lines.  Unfamiliar with Atlas Copco's ToolsNet?   View their product brochure for an overview of its capabilities, features, and more: http://bit.ly/OvZl7R

    This webinar is a great way to get a feel for the software if you are looking to upgrade from ToolsNet3000 or are considering purchasing the software for the first time.  A TTP sales engineer can also help you evaluate how effective the  system will be in your plant based on your unique application.  Technical Tool Products is an authorized Atlas Copco distributor in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin.  We have extensive training in Atlas Copco products and are factory certified for repairs, installation, and support.  Contact us today to be connected with a sales engineer in your area, and be sure to tune in to Atlas Copco's ToolsNet webinar as well!


    Ryan Simmons welcomes Rodney Hill to the Webinar Training Series to discuss ToolsNet4000.

    This will be open to everyone, Internal, Distribution and End Users.

    Please feel welcome to pre-submit your questions to: ryan.simmons@us.atlascopco.com

    Register for a session now by clicking a date below:

    Thu, Mar 27, 2014 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM EDT

    Thu, Mar 27, 2014 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDT

    Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar.

    System Requirements
    PC-based attendees
    Required: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server 

    Mac®-based attendees
    Required: Mac OS® X 10.6 or newer 

    Mobile attendees
    Required: iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or Android tablet

  • SME Trade show 4/22/14 – Duluth, MN


    Technical Tool Products will be exhibiting in the SME trade show in Duluth, MN on April 22-23 2014.  We will have demo products on hand including a Gorbel demo rail with a Demag hoist or Gorbel G-Force.  We will also have Atlas Copco tools such as LTP Nutrunners, GTG grinders, and Rapid Torq hydraulic tools.  Visit us at Booth 71 for a demonstration or call us to set up a demo at your location.

    SME Trade Show – Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration
    Location: Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC), 350 Harbor Drive, Duluth, MN 55802 USA
    Time: Tuesday, April 22, 11:30 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.
    Wednesday, April 23, 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m
    Booth #71

    The event is presented by the Minnesota section of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME).  SME is a professional group comprised of engineers, geologists, metallurgists, educators, students and researchers worldwide.  The group’s mission is to facilitate information exchange and professional development.

  • Newly Certified Atlas Copco Tool Repair Center - DC Electric cetification


    Technical Tool Products’ Service Center is now certified to repair and service Atlas Copco DC electric tools.  TTP has been servicing electric tools for years but recently decided to take their service offerings to the next level by attaining this certification from Atlas Copco.

    Obtaining Atlas Copco’s DC electric tool repair certification was a multi-step process which involved training, equipment and parts acquisition, and an audit of our shop.  

    1. Training.  TTP’s technicians traveled to Atlas Copco’s headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI where they spent an entire week getting the latest training involving DC Tools, controllers, and accessories. 
    2. Equipment and parts acquisition.  We purchased additional tools to ensure we would be prepared to service any DC tool or controller that came through our door, as well as additional parts for our inventory, which will allow us to maintain fast turnaround times.
    3. Audit. Atlas Copco preformed an audit to evaluate our repair center and make sure we met their specifications.  This systemic evaluation focused on our processes and procedures as well as our technicians’ qualifications. 

    Achieving this tool certification helps to firmly establish TTP as a leader in industrial tool repair.  Because of the new certification, our customers can be assured that not only do we have the experience, training, and competence to provide a superior DC repair service and/or DC tooling service, but we are committed to investing in that expertise as well.

    TTP is the first Atlas Copco authorized DC service center in the Midwest, which is great news for manufacturers in this area.  Having a local service center not only supports the local economy, but also means lower shipping costs and faster delivery.  Our customers will also benefit from our role as an Atlas Copco distributor in this area, which means we are familiar with our customers and their needs, allowing us to provide a higher level of service.

    Technical Tool Products’ Service Center is certified for Atlas Copco air tools as well as electric tools, and we service many other brands as well.  We primarily service tools within our distribution area of MN, ND, SD, IA, and WI, but accept tools from other locations as well.  For more information on our capabilities, please call us at 952-974-3042.  We look forward to demonstrating our newly enhanced capabilities!

  • Introducing Rapid-Torc, a newly acquired product line from Atlas Copco


    Technical Tool Products now has product offerings from Rapid Torc.  This new line includes additional bolting solutions – hydraulic torque wrenches and other fastening tools and accessories.

    Rapid-Torc was founded in 2001.  Over the past 10+ years, it grew into a leader in the bolting market.  In 2013, Rapid-Torc was acquired by Atlas Copco as part of its General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems Division.  This provided Rapid-Torc distribution channels all over the world.  Technical Tool Products is your local Rapid-Torc and Atlas Copco distributor, serving MN, WI, ND, SD, IA, and WI.  We look forward to demonstrating how this product can improve the way you work with bolted fasteners.

    Rapid-Torc’s torque wrenches are a great complement to the pneumatic and electric tool choices already offered by Atlas Copco.  These hydraulic options have many features that make them a great choice for tightening applications, such as:

    • 15 models from 55 to 52,500 ft.lbs
    • external disengagement levers  that make it easier to remove the tool
    • exclusive swivel design flange provides 100% safety for the operator
    • Largest hex size range available in any low profile tool on the market
    • RTX uses one torque chart per powerhead, regardless of link size
    • Made in the USA

    These torque wrenches work in conjuction with their 10,000 psi double effect pump, which provides mind-blowing oil flow to the tools and has manifolds with up to four ports, allowing teams to work with up to four tools at a time.  A backup wrench completes the system, holding the nut in place to prevent it from rotating.

    Your TTP sales professional can provide you with more information regarding bolting technology and bolting solutions from Rapid-Torc and Atlas Copco.  Visit our contact page to find the sales rep serving your area, or contact us at info@technicaltoolproducts.com or call us at 952-974-3042.

  • Grinding safety and ergonomics webinar


    Tomorrow, Sept 5th, Atlas Copco is hosting a free webinar on grinding ergonomics and safety that is available to both Atlas Copco distributors and end users.  In this webinar, Ryan Simmons provides a detailed look at proper grinding technique, grinder best practices and ergonomics.  For additional information and grinding help, contact Technical Tool Products today.  In addition to the Atlas Copco products that will likely be discussed in this webinar, we also provide other add-on products such as the Equipois Zero-G exoskeletal arm, which is perfectly suited to grinding applications.  If you work in a foundry or similar facility which uses grinding, we encourage you to join this webinar and contact TTP for further solutions from our other vendors.

    OPTION 1:

    Space is limited.
    Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

    Ryan Simmons provides a detailed look at proper grinding technique, grinder best practices and ergonomics.

    This is open to everyone!  Sales, distribution and end users are welcome here.
    Title: Grinder Safety and Ergonomics
    Date: Thursday, September 5, 2013
    Time: 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM EDT
    After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.
    System Requirements
    PC-based attendees
    Required: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server 


    Mac®-based attendees
    Required: Mac OS® X 10.6 or newer 

    Mobile attendees
    Required: iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or Android tablet

    OPTION 2:

    Space is limited.
    Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

    Ryan Simmons provides a detailed look at proper grinding technique, grinder best practices and ergonomics.

    This is open to everyone!  Sales, distribution and end users are welcome here.
    Title: Grinder Safety and Ergonomics
    Date: Thursday, September 5, 2013
    Time: 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDT
    After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.
    System Requirements
    PC-based attendees
    Required: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server 


    Mac®-based attendees
    Required: Mac OS® X 10.6 or newer 

    Mobile attendees
    Required: iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or Android tablet


  • Error Proof your Error Proofing with Torq-Tronics 2


    Sturtevant Richmont has created a new line of torque verification / calibration equipment that is changing the way many companies error proof their processes.  A torque wrench can easily be knocked out of calibration for a variety of reasons, and many companies have gone to daily and even shift focused torque testing to protect quality.  However, if your torque tester is out of spec, the results you get may be unreliable.  But how do you know?

    Sturtevant Richmont’s new Torq-Tronics 2 digital torque tester provides a sensible solution to this problem.   It tells you when it has been pulled over 120% of the rated capacity, so that you know when it needs to be tested and adjusted.  There is no need for randomly testing the equipment, which can be both costly and time consuming.  It also means you will know exactly when the overload happened, and which readings may have been compromised.

    Here’s what happens when the Torq-Tronics 2 is pulled over capacity:
    • Red LED light starts flashing and won’t stop until the tester is reset
    • Track Mode stops working
    • OK/NG in the lower hand corner no longer appears giving you the result of the test.
    • Reports no longer show OK/NG and instead show OVL which tells you the test was made AFTER Torq-Tronics 2 was potentially pulled out of spec and has not yet been tested and reset.
    • The top line of the Torq-Tronics 2 display says 120% OV Capacity
    • Information is recorded on a backup memory (even if memory was set to ‘off’)

    Additional protections are also included to ensure that appropriate action is taken when the torque measurement tool is over capacity.  If a worker tries to reset the data, the memory will not erase and the VDF will flash “see supervisor.”

    Once the unit has been tested and adjusted, if adjustment is needed, it can be reset by a supervisor.  Simply access Torq-Tronics 2 via Hyper-Terminal and with a few quick key strokes, the tester is ready to go again.

    Contact Technical Tool Products, your Sturtevant Richmont distributor, today to learn more about Torq-Tronics 2 and how it can help you error-proof your torque testing process.

  • Atlas Copco Sponsors NCSLI Event


    Recently NCSLI's twin cities chapter held its quarterly meeting, which was sponsored by Atlas Copco.  NCSLI is a society of professionals interested in metrology, and their regular meetings provide great opportunities for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.  The event was held locally, in St. Louis Park, MN. 

    Due to their interest in metrology and topics such as torque, calibration, and testing, the group is a great fit for Technical Tool Products and Atlas Copco.  TTP and Atlas Copco have many product offerings that fall within the group’s scope of interest, such as click and digital torque wrenches, torque testers, torque and angle transducers, and calibration benches. 

    The schedule for the day featured training sessions and other educational talks.  Topics included “The Fundamentals of Bolted Joints 101 / Torque 101,” “Scales, Balances and Classification of Weights,” and “Interval Analysis.”  Atlas Copco also gave a host presentation which focused on their Industrial Technique division and particularly the GaugeFlex analyzer. The day also included breaks for networking, and an open discussion.

    Technical Tool Products is an authorized Atlas Copco distributor, and we frequently partner with Kris Klick and the company’s other representatives that NCSL attendees had the chance to meet.  For more information on Atlas Copco products, including the ST wrench, Micro Torque ACTA, and Micro Torque fastening system which were shown at the meeting, please give us a call!  We also have several tools available for demo either at your production center or at our St. Louis Park, MN location.

  • Atlas Copco Aquires Rapid-Torc


    Atlas Copco, a Technical Tool Products partner, has recently completed their acquisition of Rapid-Torc.  Rapid-Torc is a company that specializes in bolting solutions.  They design, manufacture, and distribute reliable products including hydraulic torque wrenches, bolt tensioners, and related accessories for high-torque applications.

    Rapid-torc's acquisition by Atlas Copco will broaden Atlas Copco’s product range and will extend its expertise to new customers. Technical Tool Products is excited about this new offering, and is eager to learn more about what it means for TTP and other Atlas Copco distributors.

  • Webinar: The Five Steps Of Error-Proofed Production


    TTP partner, Atlas Copco, invites you to join them for a free webinar:

    Title: The Five Steps Of Error-Proofed Production, Option 1
    Date: Friday, April 26, 2013
    Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM EDT

    This presentation will review the five steps of fully error-proofed production, discussing different types of joints and ideal assembly tools for each one.

    Space is limited, so reserve your spot here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/386645001See More

  • TTP sponsors NCSLI meeting in twin cities


    Technial Tool Products recently sponsored the 1Q meeting for the local chapter of NCSL International.  NCSLI is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on metrology, the science of measurement.  The event was attended by over 90 professionals working in calibration labs and other metrology related fields.

    The scheduled events included presentations by individuals who are recognized as experts in metrology.  John Rynertson (Sturtevant Richmont) presented on torque and torque calibration.  Dave Mueller (Control House) presented on Temperature measurements with radiation thermometers (IR), Mingjian Zhao (Additel Corp) presented on improving field pressure calibration, and Miguel Decos (On Time Support) presented on technician qualification through automated random sampling of completed work.

    Technical Tool Products is proud to support the exchange of ideas and knowlege among industry professionals, as well as creating a great opportunity for networking that this meeting provides.  To learn more about NCSLI and be notified of future events, view page for the twin cities chapter here or visit www.ncsli.org.

  • New Sales Engineer: Steve Cory


    TTP is pleased to welcome the newest addition to to our outside sales team, Steve Cory.  Steve will be responsible for Northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, and down to the twin cities where he will have select accounts. 

    Steve has extensive selling experience and a degree in mechanical engineering. Prior to accepting a position at TTP he had his own consulting business in production and packaging. He provided value added sales in packaging and production equipment and conveyors. He has designed ergonomic workstations and robotic flexible assembly and worked with torque tools at Navistar engines. 

    We are excited to welcome Steve, and we know that his skills and experience will be an great asset to TTP and our customers in northern MN and WI.

  • Automation 2013


    A TTP vendor, AMC Conveyor, will be showcasing their latest products at the Automation 2013 trade show, which is being held January 21-24th in Chicago, IL.  Contact TTP for a free pass to the show.  For more information on Automation 2013, visit http://www.automate2013.com/

  • 2012 Recap


    We had a great year here at Technical Tool Products. We brought a few new people on board. Jesse Umbreit and Leonard Elliot have been added to our repair department, while Michelle Carlson and Alex Tiffany have been added to our inside team. All of them have been welcomed additions to Technical Tool Products. We have also accomplished many of our company goals and projects over the last year. But it hasn't been all work and no play. We also grilled outside over the summer, sent a couple lucky employees to p read more

  • More great solutions available from Technical Tool Products.


    TTP is pleased to have been selected regional distributor for Equipois, Inc.  The company’s patented zeroG® systems are designed to support a wide variety of manufacturing, heavy industrial, bioresearch, medical and other applications. The patented zeroG® technology allows tools, parts or equipment to be maneuvered as if weightless, but with full range of motion.  By implementing Equipois products in work cells, sanding stations or anywhere repetitive injury is a concern, you can not only reduce workplace injuries and associated costs.  You can increase productivity and your ROI.  That’s why Equipois’s zeroG® technology has been adopted as a best practice by some of the world’s top manufacturing companies. And why the company was named Most Innovative Company in North America for 2010 by the International Business Awards.  For more information, visit www.equipoisinc.com.

  • The industry’s best customer service just got even better.


    To better serve our customers, TTP recently hired Phil Smereczniak. He brings to us a diversity of real world experience, such as Contact Specialist for Schwans, Leasing Director for rental properties and as an Invoice Processor at Best Buy. Phil has a BA degree from Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU) in Marshall, MN. He’s eager to begin working with all of you and contributing to Technical Tool Products success. Phil’s primary responsibilities will be as Sales Rep Support, Customer Service and Marketing. You can email him at: PhilS@technicaltoolproducts.com.

  • Promat 2011


    Austin Tiffany, Kris Klick, Travis Moen and Bob Franklin attended Promat 2011 – A Material Handling International Expo in Chicago. Many of our premier vendors displayed at the show – Gorbel, Demag,Schmalz and Lewco Conveyor. Check it out at www.promatshow.com

  • Recent Atlas Copco training


    To better serve our customers, Travis Moen and Kris Klick attended two days of product training at Atlas Copco in Farmington Hills (3/15-3/16) focusing on pneumatic assembly tool and material removal products. Give them both a call to test their knowledge.