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Atlas Copco New Product - GTG 25 Sander


On Thursday 3/20/14, Atlas Copco launched their new GTG25 sander.  The sander joins the 5” and 7” grinder to complete the line of the new turbine powered GTG25s.

More efficient than a conventional vane grinder motor, the two stage turbine motor in the GTG25 performs with extremely high efficiency, leading to great material removal. A speed governor ensures optimum process speed, process time is cut to a minimum.

Weighing just over five pounds, the 7" sander provides 3.4 hp.  This is simply unprecedented power-to-weight. 

The GTG25 offers an array of unique ergonomic advantages including: an autobalancer, dual-action spindle-lock/adjustable wheel guard button, and single motion safety latch on the trigger.

A compact design leads to greater visibility and an increase in productivity.  The right angle design allows operators to use the tool with straight wrists.

Sales Engineers at Technical Tool Products have received special training from Atlas Copco to ensure that they have excellent product knowledge on this sander.  This knowledge, paired with their experience providing material removal solutions, makes them well-equipped to help you make the best decision regarding your grinding, sanding, deburring, or other material removal needs.  Technical Tool Products is the exclusive distributor for Atlas Copco tooling in Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.  Contact us today to be connected with a sales engineer in your area.

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