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Ergotech distributor


Technical Tool Products is now a distributor for Ergotech, a company specifically dedicated ergonomic technology.  It's easy to see why this partnership is such a great fit for TTP.  Likewise, we are also dedicated to ergonomics and safe material handling.  Our customers rely on us to bring them the best technology in these areas, so the partnership will benefit all parties involved.

Ergotech is based out of Conneticut, USA, and their mission is to create a safer work environment, no matter what size or shape, weight or type of material. 
Their products are invented and produced here in the USA.  These unique technologies focus on lifting and material handling, which result in less operator strain or fatigue as well as fewer injuries.

Ergotech’s unique products are suited for the most robust and heavy-duty applications and is found in use at major companies such as Boeing, Sikorsky, General Electric, Honda, Goodrich, Harley-Davidson, Raytheon, Texas Instruments, Gillette and many more.

The products they produce include multi-directional conveyor rollers, telescopic lift systems, compact lift / transporters, as well as manual, motorized, or programmable Work Positioners.

For more information about Ergotech and its products, contact TTP - your NEW Ergotech supplier in MN, WI, ND, SD, NE and IA.  We are excited to share this new technology with you!

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