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Gorbel Launches a Mobile Fall Protection Solution


Today Gorbel launched a new fall protection solution, the Ranger Mobile Anchor.  The unit first debuted at the ProMat Show in Chicago back in March, has appeared at two safety trade shows since then, and has generated a great deal of interest from end-users.

The Ranger can be towed to the worksite by a pickup or anything with a trailer hitch.  The system can set the system up in a matter of minutes.


• Combination of steel and aluminum for superior strength/weight ratio
• Weight 2,685 lbs.
• Adjustable from height 18-22 ft.
• Max. capacity 310 pounds; Maximum Arresting Force 900 pounds
• Indoor/outdoor use
• Integral outriggers provide firm support on work surface
• Permits a 30 degree work area from anchor point
• Dimensions when towed: Length 15'3", Height 6'6", width 5'6"
• Dimensions in use: Length 11' (excluding reach), Width of unit with outriggers extended 11'

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