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Gorbel Workstation Crane improvements


As part of their continuous improvement efforts, Gorbel has recently made modifications in the design of our work station crane products. Integral parts of the system were analyzed, tested, and tweaked where necessary in order to optimize performance. The result of the intensive process that involved all parts of the system including trolleys, wheels, bridge and runway weldments, and end trucks is that the Gorbel system moves easier than ever.

The result of these efforts means significant productivity ratio improvements from 35-50% across all track Series, from 250 to 2000.

This extensive initiative involved individuals from numerous departments across the Gorbel organization, and is just one of the ways Gorbel aims to be your preferred supplier and continue to be “A Class Above” in the material handling industry.

Technical Tool Products is a Gorbel supplier serving Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.  Contact us today to order the new work station crane products!

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