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Grants for safety improvements available from states of MN and ND


Manufacturers in Minnesota and North Dakota have the opportunity to improve worker safety in their plants at a significantly lower cost to the company due to grant programs offered by the state governments. In Minnesota, the grant is offered through the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (MDLI) and in North Dakota, it is offered through North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI.)

The two programs differ somewhat in their requirements to qualify for the grant and how much funding is provided. However, both focus on improving worker safety through prevention rather than post-injury compensation efforts. The funds come from fines levied against employers or insurance companies for improper conduct regarding workplace injury or worker’s comp.

The North Dakota grant focuses more on ergonomics specifically, whereas the Minnesota grant has a broader category of safety. For either category, many of TTP’s material handling solutions would fit the bill. Schmalz vaccum lifting technology or Gorbel’s G-force intelligent lifting technology both eliminate worker strain and are so user-friendly that workers are not tempted to bypass it in favor of manual lifting. Our exoskeletal arm from 3-arm makes a worker’s arms feel weightless, even when holding heavy tooling or holding his/her arms up for a length of time. In Minnesota, fall protection (such as the Gorbel Tether Track) is also specifically named as an eligible use of funds. Our numerous offerings involving cranes, hoists, manipulators, and more can also satisfy this requirement.   Since the grant application process focuses on areas where improvements would have the most impact, it’s best to have your TTP sales rep visit your plant to consult with you on where a new product would have the most impact.

To view the guidelines and grant details for your state, visit the follow links.
In Minnesota: http://www.dli.mn.gov/Wsc/grants.asp
In North Dakota: https://www.workforcesafety.com/employers/grants/ergoinitiativeoverview.asp

Then contact TTP to set up your free workplace analysis.

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