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Introducing Rapid-Torc, a newly acquired product line from Atlas Copco


Technical Tool Products now has product offerings from Rapid Torc.  This new line includes additional bolting solutions – hydraulic torque wrenches and other fastening tools and accessories.

Rapid-Torc was founded in 2001.  Over the past 10+ years, it grew into a leader in the bolting market.  In 2013, Rapid-Torc was acquired by Atlas Copco as part of its General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems Division.  This provided Rapid-Torc distribution channels all over the world.  Technical Tool Products is your local Rapid-Torc and Atlas Copco distributor, serving MN, WI, ND, SD, IA, and WI.  We look forward to demonstrating how this product can improve the way you work with bolted fasteners.

Rapid-Torc’s torque wrenches are a great complement to the pneumatic and electric tool choices already offered by Atlas Copco.  These hydraulic options have many features that make them a great choice for tightening applications, such as:

• 15 models from 55 to 52,500 ft.lbs
• external disengagement levers  that make it easier to remove the tool
• exclusive swivel design flange provides 100% safety for the operator
• Largest hex size range available in any low profile tool on the market
• RTX uses one torque chart per powerhead, regardless of link size
• Made in the USA

These torque wrenches work in conjuction with their 10,000 psi double effect pump, which provides mind-blowing oil flow to the tools and has manifolds with up to four ports, allowing teams to work with up to four tools at a time.  A backup wrench completes the system, holding the nut in place to prevent it from rotating.

Your TTP sales professional can provide you with more information regarding bolting technology and bolting solutions from Rapid-Torc and Atlas Copco.  Visit our contact page to find the sales rep serving your area, or contact us at info@technicaltoolproducts.com or call us at 952-974-3042.

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