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Introducing the revolutionary KAW 2E7 Hydraulic Pump from Rapid-Torc


Introducing the revolutionary KAW 2E7  Pump from Rapid-Torc. 

• The KAW 2E7 is available in 220V and 115V configurations.  
• The pump is two stages and uses three pistons to produce exceptional high flow while under working pressure.  
• This pump is fast, lightweight and durable.  
• The pumps performance is simply revolutionary.  Heat effects pump performance and efficiency.  The KAW 2E7 Pump is revolutionary in that instead of dumping the oil back into the reservoir via a relief valve, thus building heat, the KAW 2E7 Pump has a neutral position where the oil is cooled.  Where the competitive pumps build heat, we cool.  This ensures superior performance, flow and accuracy.  
• The pump features a maintenance free brush less motor, an integral cooler, robust remote control and pulls less than 15 AMPS in the 115 version.

Rapid-Torc is part of the Atlas Copco group.  They manufacture hydraulic torque tools, pumps, and accessories.  Technical Tool Products is the exclusive distributor of Atlas Copco tools in the upper midwest, serving the states of MN, WI, IA, NE, SD, and ND.  Our Atlas Copco page has more information about these products, or you can also contact us to discuss your unique application with a sales engineer in your area.

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