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New Improvements to Gorbel Trolley and End Truck Wheels


Gorbel has recently made some slight modifications to their wheels that will improve the push/pull forces of our trolleys and end trucks. These wheels are being phased in over the next few months with some capacities shipping now.

The changes they made are barely noticable to the naked eye.  They mainly pertained to the tolerances of the wheel that, among other things, affected how the wheel contacts the track for easier rolling. For some of the capacities they have also changed the axles and added spacers to insure the correct wheel positioning on the track. Wheel kits will be available to ease replacement in the future and guarantee you have all of the parts that you need for replacement.

Gorbel did not make any changes to the Duracomp 4® wheel material. Duracomp 4® has proven to deliver great, consistent performance even after years of usage.

The product that we have in the field right now performs well so there is no need to replace wheels on trolleys or end trucks that are currently being used. The replacement kits are available to replace your current wheels when needed.

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