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Newly Certified Atlas Copco Tool Repair Center - DC Electric cetification


Technical Tool Products’ Service Center is now certified to repair and service Atlas Copco DC electric tools.  TTP has been servicing electric tools for years but recently decided to take their service offerings to the next level by attaining this certification from Atlas Copco.

Obtaining Atlas Copco’s DC electric tool repair certification was a multi-step process which involved training, equipment and parts acquisition, and an audit of our shop.  

1. Training.  TTP’s technicians traveled to Atlas Copco’s headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI where they spent an entire week getting the latest training involving DC Tools, controllers, and accessories. 
2. Equipment and parts acquisition.  We purchased additional tools to ensure we would be prepared to service any DC tool or controller that came through our door, as well as additional parts for our inventory, which will allow us to maintain fast turnaround times.
3. Audit. Atlas Copco preformed an audit to evaluate our repair center and make sure we met their specifications.  This systemic evaluation focused on our processes and procedures as well as our technicians’ qualifications. 

Achieving this tool certification helps to firmly establish TTP as a leader in industrial tool repair.  Because of the new certification, our customers can be assured that not only do we have the experience, training, and competence to provide a superior DC repair service and/or DC tooling service, but we are committed to investing in that expertise as well.

TTP is the first Atlas Copco authorized DC service center in the Midwest, which is great news for manufacturers in this area.  Having a local service center not only supports the local economy, but also means lower shipping costs and faster delivery.  Our customers will also benefit from our role as an Atlas Copco distributor in this area, which means we are familiar with our customers and their needs, allowing us to provide a higher level of service.

Technical Tool Products’ Service Center is certified for Atlas Copco air tools as well as electric tools, and we service many other brands as well.  We primarily service tools within our distribution area of MN, ND, SD, IA, and WI, but accept tools from other locations as well.  For more information on our capabilities, please call us at 952-974-3042.  We look forward to demonstrating our newly enhanced capabilities!

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