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Tri-Motion Industries’ New Vacuum Lifter Now Available from TTP


Tri-Motion Industries now offers the BASIC Energy Efficient Universal Vacuum Fixture.  The BASIC is a turn-key vacuum fixture solution, with high-end features.  It is primarily designed for lifting cardboard carton boxes and sacks, making it perfect for many applications such as warehouses and distributions centers.

Many different suction cup assemblies are available — single cups, double cups, and quadruple cups. Some assemblies offer endless rotation, others allow the orientation of the load to be pivoted 90 degrees from vertical.

As soon as the vacuum head lands on the load, it is automatically attached and ready to lift.

The intuitive "up" and "down" buttons are ergonomically located right under the operator's index finger.  This works equally well for left handed and right handed operators, and the speed of the load is proportional to how far the operator depresses the buttons.

The BASIC intelligently senses when the vacuum pump should run, and turns it on only at that time. This will save upwards of 80% of a user’s energy costs, compared to vacuum end effectors which waste valuable energy by running the vacuum pump constantly.

Maximum Load: 110 Lbs.
Lift Height: 5 ft
Pressure Rating: 100 PSI
Rotation of Vacuum Head: Endless
Noise Level – Carton: 55 dB
Noise Level – Air Tight: 0 dB

Measurements: Bal-Trol and BASIC
The Bal-Trol ® air hoist and the BASIC work together to create a “dream machine” unlike any other arrangement on the market.

The BASIC has many built-in safety features. It will not allow a load to be lifted if the vacuum level is below a certain level. If the vacuum level drops during lifting, the BASIC will automatically lower the load at a slow controlled rate.

The BASIC also has two different safety modes for releasing the load. For maximum safety, the BASIC will not release a load until the load is completely at rest on a supporting surface. There is also an option which allows the BASIC to release a load even though it is not at rest on a surface reducing cycle-time in certain applications. Both modes require the operator to provide a distinct push on the red release button before the load will be released.

The quick connection makes BASIC multi-facetted. The user switches applications in an instant for the different loads, materials, weights and sizes. The hook is always there, easily flips down, when a vacuum cup can’t get a grip.

Single Vacuum cup (small, medium, or large)
H-Frame (small or medium)
I-Frame (small, medium, or large)
Sack Frame (medium)

Contact TTP, your local Tri-Motion Industries supplier today to learn more.  We supply Tri-Motion Industries' products such as Bal-trol and BASIC to the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa.  Call us today or request a solution from info@technicaltoolproducts.com

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