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Technical Tool Products is a distributor and solutions provider for Automation and Modular Components, Inc. (AMC) in the upper-Midwest serving Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin. AMC produces a wide variety of synchronous and non-synchronous conveyor systems made in the USA from aluminum extrusions. Steel and stainless steel constructions are also available. In addition, AMC offers an industry leading 3-year warranty.

AMC and TTP partner to provide innovative automation solutions to customers in a wide range of industries, including appliances, automotive, bearings, consumer products, electronics, food, glass, machining, munitions, packaging, pharmaceutical, power transmission, and recreational products. If needed, TTP and AMC can engineer custom material handling solutions to meet your needs. We have created custom fabricated conveyors for many different applications, and would like to share these unique stories with you. Visit our success stories page and call us for more details.


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AMC is an industry leading provider of conveyor systems to the manufacturing industry. The company is renowned for its innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. By partnering with Technical Tool Products we bring you even more value. Added benefits from choosing us as your partner include:  

Technical Tool Products has more “feet on the street” than others. This means you will receive individualized attention as each of our Regional Sales Managers has a customer centric focus and can ensure you get the solution, support and service you need. Our technical sales personnel are located in Council Bluffs, IA, Sioux Falls, SD, Twin Cities, MN and Fargo, ND.  We provide AMC solutions to the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

We are experts in fields of Assembly Technology, Material Handling and Material Removal in manufacturing. We have over thirteen years of experience providing solutions in these areas. We have many valuable resources available to us, combining the experience of our team and partner suppliers.

Technical Tool Products is responsive to any issue that arises at any point, before or after the purchase order. We can provide factory floor design assistance and engineering. We can provide fastener selection expertise. We provide a Project Manager as the applications require. We can provide help with selection of accessories and error-proofed flow analysis. We can also assist with installation, maintenance, and repair. We have our own in-house certified Repair Center with factory trained technicians. For more information on the Service Center, visit our Service page. 

Our capabilities do not end at providing a conveyor system. We can provide many solutions within 100 feet of the tool – tooling, ergonomic lifting devices, cranes and hoists, workstations and error-proofing products. We have everything you need to start or enhance an assembly line or cell – engineering, layout design, project management and installation support. 

AMC – Automation and Modular Components, Inc Products

Modu-Con 2 AMC Modu-Con 2

The Modu-Con 2 is AMC’s most cost-effective twin strand conveyor. It is a a modular palletized conveyor system for the automotive, appliance, electronics, computer and solar panel industries. The Modu-Con 2 system can handle pallet sizes from 12 x 12 to 36 x 36 and can handle up to 3000 lbs per drive. It is commonly used for smaller parts, such as alternators, solar cells and other small part sub-assemblies.

The Modu-Con 2 system also has chain clips available to protect the chain from debris and small parts that would otherwise damage the rollers. Depending on the configuration, it is also static dissipative to protect sensitive electronic components as they travel down the line.

Contact Technical Tool Products to learn more about our conveyor offerings.  We have many stories of successful applications, and we can even arrange a visit at another customer's facility so you can see these conveyors first hand.

Modu-Con 3 AMC Modu-Con 3

AMC’s heaviest chain conveyor, the Modu-Con 3 is designed for loads up to 4,500 lbs. per drive. It comes in thirteen pallet sizes ranging from 24 x 24 up to 48 x 72 making it a good system for moving parts such as engines, transmissions, appliances and home air conditioning units. Common applications include assembly, accumulation and transportation between machining cells. Modu-Con 3 is ready to meet the needs of the Automotive, Appliance and Electronics industries.

To get help planning and designing your conveyor system, fill out the information form under the AMC section of our resources page and email it to  Or, if you'd just like more information, we can do that too - send us your contact info and we'll connect you with the sales engineer in your area.

Modu-Con 5 AMC Modu-Con 5

A captive pallet conveyor, designed for accumulation applications, the Modu-Con 5 can be either synchronous or non-synchronous.   It has 2 chains available, 40 Series and 60 Series, for lighter or heavier loads. It features a captive pallet design which automatically returns the pallets to the beginning of the conveyor and eliminates the need for elevators. With Modu-Con 5, everything is custom designed to meet your needs.

The Modu-Con 5 was designed with the automotive, appliance and solar industries in mind. It has been used to carry axles, steering racks, crack and cam shafts, solar panels and suspension components. It is resistant to metal chips, oils and cutting fluid and so can be used in dirty environments. 

You can see a video of this conveyor in motion hereContact us if you'd like to see it in person.

Modu-Con 6 AMC Modu-Con 6

AMC’s fastest dual lane conveyor system, the Modu-Con 6 can operate up to 200 feet per minute, making it ideal for short cycle time build lines. Move your parts faster with pallet to pallet index times as low as 2 seconds.

The Modu-Con 6 is used for assembly in a wide variety of industries including appliances, automotive and electronics. With the optional stainless steel chain, it can be used in clean room applications such as Lithium Ion battery assembly. Common pallet sizes have ranged from 16"x16" up to 48"x48" and custom sizes are available. Steel and Plastic chain are also available.

This conveyor is designed for pallet loads of 50 to 300 Lbs, with 6000Lb (2722Kg) Max load per drive.

Contact TTP to talk to a sales rep about this system.

Modu-Flex 83 AMC Modu-Flex 83

A modular side-flexing tabletop conveyor, the Modu-Flex 83 features a tight corner radius to save space and inclines up to 5 degrees with plain chain, 25° with flexible cleat chain and even 90° with cleat chain. These chains can give MF83 a real advantage in elevation.

The Modu-Flex 83 series is a modular single lane conveyor with an 83mm wide chain. It's high speed is well suited for a machine to machine production environment, or as a dynamic storage buffer accumulating small parts between machine processes. Common types of parts have included bottles, cans, personal care products and medical products such as pharmaceuticals. MF83 is good for conveying smaller parts for the medical, automotive, packaged foods and pharmaceutical industries.

If you'd like to learn more about this system, contact TTP.

Modu-Matt AMC Modu-Matt

AMC’s most flexible system, the Modu-Matt is a universal Matt Top conveyor is a standard framework that can accept chains from many different manufacturers. It can be used for a wide variety of applications including electronics, automotive, consumer goods, bottling, packaging and more. Every Modu-Matt conveyor is custom tailored to your needs. We have built them as small as 4in wide and as large as 8Ft wide. They have moved every product from gears and bearings to solar cells and fire extinguishers and everything in between. Use it for the accumulation of small parts, or the transportation of very large parts. Fill out the worksheet on our resources page and we will show you how it can be tailored to your exact needs.

MRC Roller Conveyor AMC MRC Roller Conveyor

The MRC is a clutched modular roller conveyor capable of running in reverse for feeding material in and out of workstations or across multiple conveyors.

This conveyor system is meant for transporting larger objects, usually weighing 50Lbs or more, making it ideal for the automotive and appliance industries. It has been used to transport Transmission Cases, Axle Assemblies, Seats, Engines and similarly large parts. It comes in standard sizes of 300mm, 400mm and 500mm and custom sizes are available. Common applications include machining cells, assembly, inspection, testing and manufacturing.

Because the MRC Conveyor System uses rollers instead of a chain, debris will fall harmlessly between the rollers instead of getting stuck or damaging the conveyor. This makes it ideal for harsh environments where screws, clips, and other small fasteners might otherwise harm a chain conveyor.

For an up-close look at the MRC modular roller conveyor, check out this youtube video.

Contact TTP to learn more about this system.