Atlas Copco Industrial Power Tools and Assembly Systems

Technical Tool Products is an exclusive Atlas Copco Power Tool distributor in the upper-Midwest serving Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin, providing solutions from the Atlas Copco Industrial Technique division, which is not only known for its tools, but for its highly regarded assembly systems, quality assurance products and error-proofing assembly products.

Our goal is to assist customers in speeding up production, improving quality, cutting costs, and eliminating downtime. We offer everything from micro tools and robotic cells for tiny fasteners to extremely high torque products for big bolts. There are solutions for electric or pneumatic assembly, fixtured tooling, material removal or air-motor driven – anything you need to put you ahead of your competition. We’re happy to bring tools to your facility for a demonstration to show our capabilities first-hand. Please contact us at 952-974-3042 or to discuss your application’s specific needs.


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Atlas Copco is a leading supplier of industrial power tools and assembly systems to the manufacturing industry. The company is world-renowned for its innovation and commitment to R&D. By partnering with Technical Tool Products we bring you even more value. Added benefits from choosing us as your partner include:

Technical Tool Products has more “feet on the street” than others. This means you will receive individualized attention as each of our Regional Sales Managers has a customer centric focus and can ensure you get the solution, support and service you need. Our technical sales personnel are located in Council Bluffs, IA, Sioux Falls, SD, Twin Cities, MN and Fargo, ND. We have a large inventory of demonstration assembly tools & material removal tools that can be tested on-site in your application.

We are experts in fields of Assembly Technology, Material Handling and Material Removal in manufacturing. We have over thirteen years of experience providing solutions in these areas. We have many valuable resources available to us, combining the experience of our team and partner suppliers.

Technical Tool Products is responsive to any issue that arises at any point, before or after the purchase order. We can provide factory floor design assistance and engineering. We can provide fastener selection expertise. We provide a Project Manager as the applications require. We can provide help with selection of accessories and error-proofed flow analysis. We can also assist with installation, maintenance, and repair. We are an Atlas Copco certified Repair Center with factory trained technicians. For more information on the Service Center, visit our Service page.

Our capabilities do not end at providing a tool – that’s where we begin. We can provide many solutions within 100 feet of the tool – conveyor, ergonomic lifting devices, cranes and hoists, workstations and error-proofing products. We have everything you need to start or enhance an assembly line or cell – engineering, layout design, project management and installation support.

Atlas Copco Products

Assembly Tools

Atlas Copco Genuine Parts


Technical Tool Products stocks a large selection of Atlas Copco genuine parts for repairs. Since we are a certified Atlas Copco repair center, we carry all the most common parts to expedite our repair process. Therefore, if you need an Atlas Copco part to repair a broken tool, call us first! We also sell accessories and consumable materials such as grinding pads.

We can also take the work of the repair off your hands. Visit our service center page to learn more.

Bits Atlas Copco Bits
Electric Assembly Tools Atlas Copco Electric Assembly Tools

As your local Atlas Copco dealer, TTP supplies a full range of Tensor electric assembly tools with intelligent controllers and software. The Tensor range covers all station and assembly line requirements for safety critical and quality critical fastening applications. The tools utilize LED’s and audio signals to offer operator guidance. The range includes nutrunners, transducerized nutrunners, screwdrivers, and cordless nutrunners in straight, angle, and pistol grip versions. We also offer BCP cordless screwdrivers for true cordless freedom.

Technical Tool Products is one of the nation's leading Atlas Copco distributors and the sole distributor for MN, NE, SD, and ND.  We also serve parts of Iowa and Wisconsin. Contact us to take advantage of our huge inventory of demo tools & products as well as our vast knowledge of assembly technology, material handling, and material removal.

Error Proofing Solutions Atlas Copco Error Proofing Solutions

Used with Atlas Copco’s advanced tightening equipment, their error proofing software, hardware, and smart accessories assure quality on your production line and eliminate costly reworking. Clear operator feedback and guidance are provided by HMI displays, which indicate joints to be tightened and give build instructions. The wireless Tool Location System eliminates errors by ensuring that your assembly tools only operate if used in the correct area of the plant and on the right products.

Fixtured Assembly Solutions Atlas Copco Fixed Assembly Solutions

Atlas Copco’s portfolio of fixtured assembly systems includes fixtured nutrunners and fixtured low torque nutrunners, controllers, software and power supply boxes. The nutrunners are compact, durable and easy to integrate into your system. The controllers offer advanced process control and monitoring functions. Supported by ToolsTalk software, they can put your operation on the path to zero-fault assembly. ToolsTalk supports offline programming. It can be installed on a station PC, a laptop, or a back office PC. To edit or upload programs, the PC is connected to the controller using an Ethernet cable.

Hydraulic Tools Atlas Copco Hydraulic Tools

Atlas Copco’s new line of hydraulic tools, Rapid-Torc, is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA, and distributed through your Atlas Copco supplier, Technical Tool Products. 
Because your process is of utmost importance, Rapid-Torc is determined to offer only industrial-grade, super-duty tools. Every model is designed to give you accuracy, consistency and extreme durability.

A wide range of Rapid Torc hydraulic tools are available to demo from TTP, courtesy of our vendor Atlas Copco.  Call or email us to set up a demo.

Pneumatic Assembly Tools Atlas Copco Pneumatic Assembly Tools

Atlas Copco’s pneumatic assembly tools are characterized by their power and speed. They also offer a high level of operator comfort due to their high power to weight ratios and reaction free tightening. Tools in the PRO range are robust, powerful and offer long working lifetimes, which has made them a favorite choice in manufacturing facilities for over 100 years. As your Atlas Copco distributor, Technical Tool Products is proud to bring you these tools along with a comprehensive program of service and support.

Technical Tool Products has countless successful solutions in use today throughout the upper midwest.  Contact us to hear how Atlas Copco industrial tools are making a big inpact in your industry, and take advantage of our wide variety of demo tools we have available.

Quality Assurance in Tightening Atlas Copco Quality Assurance in Tightening

A loose or improperly tightened joint in any assembly operation can cause serious problems and have far-reaching consequences for end-users and manufacturers alike. This is true for all manufacturing industries, from automotive and aerospace to household appliances and consumer electronics.
Such problems can range from loose components in a refrigerator door, critical power disruptions or ultimately to life-threatening brake or component failures. To ensure the right quality of every one of your company’s products, implementation of a dedicated Quality Assurance and Quality Control programme is a must. This will guarantee greater customer satisfaction and safeguard your company against costly malfunctions, warranty claims or lengthy litigation.

Please contact us if you would like more information. We have many success stories in basic to advanced Quality Assurance solutions. We can bring demonstration product to your facility to assist with determining the best solution for your budget and requirements.

Sockets Atlas Copco Sockets
Workplace Solutions and Automation Atlas Copco Workplace Solutions and Automation

Protect your most valuable resource. Give your operators an extra arm! Atlas Copco torque arms are labor-saving extensions of handheld tools that ensure accurate tightening, and raise individual productivity in your plant. Available for torques of up to 1,000 Nm, these ingenious constructions are the perfect way to lighten the load when performing repetitive tasks on lines or benches.

Call or email TTP for on-site demos at  your location and other success stories from applications similar to yours. A visit to another customer's facility might even be arranged so  you can see the real life application of these systems in the workplace. 


Assembly Solutions
Articulated Arms Atlas Copco Articulated Arms

The Articulated Arm allows for a flexible workspace where traditional fixtured tools will not reach and where operator health and safety is a concern. Several models are available to accommodate various applications and torque ranges. Contact TTP, your Atlas Copco supplier, for more info or click the link below.

Controller Floor Stands and Frames Atlas Copco Controller Floor Stands and Frames

Controller stands and frames from Atlas Copco help to maintain an organized workspace.  They organize and protect cables, keeping them out of the way of the operator, free up floor space, increase mobility, and allow movement along suspension railing systems, depending on the mounting method chosen.

Fixtured Assembly Solutions Atlas Copco Fixtured Assembly Solutions

Fixtured Assembly Solutions integrate one or more Atlas Copco nutrunners into a single solution for applications that require specific positioning on an assembly line for a one-spindle fixture, or involve multiple fastening points on one or more applications.

Mobile fixture Solutions Atlas Copco Mobile Fixture Solutions

Atlas Copco offers solutions that provide for maximum flexibility on a manufacturing floor or in a maintenance workshop where there are multiple standard fastening processes for one or for multiple applications.

Software Solutions Atlas Copco Software Solutions

Software Solutions including software and programming are offered with complete system. Application solutions include many options utilizing software including operator guidance, advanced process control and monitoring, error-proofing, data collection, trace reporting, and event logging programs.

Torque reaction suspension and rail system Atlas Copco Torgque Reaction Suspension and Rail Systems

Atlas Copco Torque Reaction Suspension and Rail Systems are offered with our solutions to provide a complete turn-key system.


Air Hoists & Trolleys
Atlas Copco Hoists

Atlas Copco air hoists are the industry benchmark for fast, precise and reliable lifting of heavy loads -- even in cramped and sometimes hostile industrial environments.  Compact and lightweight, they are easy to control, survive rough handling and provide heavyweight performance.

Atlas Copco's air hoists stay cool in the toughest situations.  They can be operated continuously at maximum load, with frequent starts and stops, without damage or overheating.  They ignore heat, dust, and moisture, and are highly corrosion resistant.  This ensures long life, exceptional reliability, and enhanced safety.

These air hoists are extremely compact and light compared to conventional electrically-powered units.  The air hoists are easily installed almost anywhere, even with cramped working conditions and/or low ceilings.  Low weight also simplifies removal for maintenance or relocation.

Call or email TTP for a no obligation factory demonstration of Atlas Copco hoists or trolleys.

Atlas Copco Trolleys

Atlas Copco trolleys are the industry benchmark for fast, precise and reliable lifting of heavy loads -- even in cramped and sometimes hostile industrial environments.  Compact and lightweight, they are easy to control, survive rough handling and provide heavyweight performance.

Atlas Copco industrial trolleys (and hoists) are explosion proofed for safe operation in hazardous enviroments where sparks or high outer temperatures could ignite explosiv gases, vapor or dust.  All are certified explosion-proof, to stringent European standards in complience with the EU ATEX Directive.

These trolleys are available in manual or motorised versions.  They are flexible and simple to install, they are easily adjusted to different widths, and they are equally suitable for parallel or tapered I-beams.  If you'd like to see a hands on demonstration of Atlas Copco trolleys, contact TTP.  We will bring one to your plant for you to demo!


Material Removal
Circular Cutter Atlas Copco Circular Cutter

Industrial circular cutter

Drills (hand held) Atlas Copco Drills (hand-held)

The handheld industrial drills in Atlas Copco’s wide range are built to provide consistent reliability and performance in a wide range of industrial applications. Their advanced ergonomic designs, high power to weight ratios and accessibility make the operator’s job easier, thus raising individual productivity. Drills in the PRO range are robust, durable, and offer long working lifetimes.

Drills (positive feed drills) Atlas Copco (positive feed)

Often chosen as aircraft drills for drilling in lightweight materials used in modern aircraft construction, these positive feed drills, or constant feed drills, have right angle drill motors and are installed as fixtured drills. Their capability to maintain speed under heavy load ensures sufficient power and torque for all industrial applications, while keeping air consumption to a minimum. Rapid advance without spindle rotation significantly reduces cycle time. The modular design makes service and maintenance quick and easy, thus maximizing uptime.

Drills (power feed drills) Atlas Copco Drills (power feed)
Grinders Atlas Copco Grinders

Atlas Copco’s turbine grinders offer an impressive power to weight ratio – twice the power with half the weight – and are impossible to stall with the right installation. An autobalancer reduces vibrations and is available for many of the grinders. Atlas Copco’s industrial grinder range also includes one of the most powerful one-hand die grinders on the market. All the industrial grinders are characterized by their ergonomic design and accessibility to the workpiece. Atlas Copco’s PRO grinders are strong, robust, and offer long working lifetimes. Demo tools are available from Technical Tool Products. Call/email TTP to set up a demonstration at your facility. We have many models, speeds, and sizes to choose from. We also sell burrs, abrasive pads, and other consumable materials from Atlas Copco.

Percussive tools Atlas Copco Percussive Tools
Riveting Systems Atlas Copco Riveting System

Complete riveting systems, including industrial riveting hammers and bucking bars. Powerful and robust, the tools are vibration damped to minimize the riveter’s exposure to vibration, while maintaining high tool performance. The riveting hammers feature adjustable power, enabling the user to set the power for different rivet materials and sizes.

Routers Atlas Copco Routers
Sanders Atlas Copco Sanders

Atlas Copco’s handheld industrial sanders are available in a range of models with turbine and vane motors. Their user-friendly ergonomic designs with high power to weight ratios, an autobalancer that reduces vibrations, and good accessibility to the workpiece make sanding light work for the operator. The range includes sanders equipped with dust extraction. Contact your Atlas Copco distributor, TTP, today to test one of our demo tools in your facility.  TTP has many sanders available in our demo inventory.  Choose from a wide variety of speeds and sizes, just email us to schedule your demo!