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Carlson Engineering has been designing and manufacturing cutting edge screw driver and screw feeding products and systems for over 20 years. Their rugged, reliable, and low-maintenance line of high-performance automatic screw driving systems and equipment consistently out perform the rest and result in lower cost of operation than other competitive products available today.

Carlson’s line of automated screw driving and screw feeding products are better designed to offer higher torque in more compact units. The company’s years of application experience result in better design concepts that make the Carlson line the “Right Choice” for industry’s toughest and most challenging applications.

Carlson Engineering knows high-speed automated screw driving and feeding. That’s why their innovative System Component Packages make it easy to integrate precision/high speed capabilities into your simple or complex assembly application. Their extensive product line can be fitted with any air or electric screw driver on the market today. With 40 different single to multiple screw driving models, our product line is unmatched in performance and value and is positioned to become an industry standard.

Not sure where to start?  Take a look at the magazine article under our resource tab, "How to Choose a Single Spindle Fixtured Screwdriving Head."


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Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing is well-respected for their quality products and can-do approach to a traditionally reserved industry, and by partnering with Technical Tool Products we bring you even more value. Added benefits from choosing us as your partner include: 

Technical Tool Products has more “feet on the street” than others. This means you will receive individualized attention as each of our Regional Sales Managers has a customer centric focus and can ensure you get the solution, support and service you need. Our technical sales personnel are located in Council Bluffs, IA, Sioux Falls, SD, Twin Cities, MN and Fargo, ND. We have demonstration assembly tools & material removal tools that can be tested on-site in your application.

We are experts in fields of Assembly Technology, Material Handling and Material Removal in manufacturing. We have over thirteen years of experience providing solutions in these areas. We have many valuable resources available to us, combining the experience of our team and partner suppliers. We have not seen it all yet, but we come darn close. 

Technical Tool Products is responsive to any issue that arises at any point, before or after the purchase order. We can provide factory floor design assistance and engineering. We can provide fastener selection expertise. We provide a Project Manager as the applications require. We can provide help with selection of accessories and error-proofed flow analysis. We can also assist with installation, maintenance, and repair. We are a certified Repair Center with factory trained technicians. For more information on the Service Center, visit our Service page. 

Our capabilities do not end at providing a screw feeding or screw driving solution. We can provide many solutions across the whole line, including conveyor, tooling, ergonomic lifting devices, cranes and hoists, workstations and error-proofing products. We have everything you need to start or enhance an assembly line or cell – engineering, layout design, project management and installation support. 

Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing Products

Standard Products
Handheld Drivers Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing Handheld Drivers

Carlson Engineering handheld automatic screwdriving heads are ergonomic and designed to work with a screwfeeder. They will automate your screwdriving process by automatically driving the screws into your product. They can be fitted with almost any brand of screwdriver on the market today.

Carlson’s line of automated screw driving and screw feeding products are better designed to offer higher torque in more compact units. Years of application experience result in better design concepts that make the Carlson line the “Right Choice” for industry’s toughest and most challenging applications.  To learn more about Carlson's screwdriving solutions, contact TTP, your Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing dealer in MN, ND, SD, NE, IA, & WI.  Handheld models are available for immediate demo at your facility.

Telescoping Drive Head, SureDRIVE Head


Fixtured Drivers Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing Fixtured Drivers

Carlson Engineering has the deepest product offering of fixtured screwdriving heads on the market today These drive heads are mounted to cartesian robots, transfer lines, fixtures, SCARA robots, work cells, and indexing stations.

They build drive heads to drive screws one at a time or many screws at once. All of the drive heads use high load liner guide bearings and are designed to operate 3 shifts a day with minimal maintenance. To hear more about what these fixtured drivers are capable of and how they can improve your process, and to request a demo, contact TTP today.


Screw Feeders Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing Screw Feeders

The Carlson Engineering automatic screwfeeders are available using vibratory bowls or stepfeeders / ladder feeders. They can work stand alone or with any Carlson automatic screwdriving head. They can work with a single screwdriver or a multi-spindle screwdrivng system. All screwfeeders are assembled and tested in the USA.

Carlson Screwfeeders are available in hard anodized alloy in three standard bowl sizes - 10", 18", and 24" diameters.  Stainless Steel is also available with a variety of bowl sizes. Single track, multi track, dual escapement, and single escapement are all available.  Contact us by email or call 952-974-3042 to discuss your needs, see a product demonstration, and pick the right product for your application.

Screwfeeder A10, Screwfeeder A18, Screwfeeder A24, Screwfeeder SS

Tool Stands Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing Tool Stands

The ever growing demand to reduce elbow stress & carpal tunnel syndrome has lead to the development of the OpASSIST Family of tool stands. The OpASSIST tool stand is both a Torque Reaction Arm and Parallel Arm. The OpASSIST torque arm absorbs the torque reaction from a electric or air screwdriver, pneumatic drill, DC electric tool, handheld tapping motor, or fixtured tapping motor while keeping the tool perpendicular to the work piece. It will reduce the stress to the operators elbow, wrist and shoulder. The OpASSIST can provide additional ergonomics with the DownASSIST option. With the DownASSIST option the OpASSIST toolstand can remove all downward force needed to move the tool down to the work piece as well as maintain pressure on the screwdriver bit, drill bit, or tap during the screwdriving, drilling or tapping operation.  For ASSISTance in choosing the right product for your application, contact TTP!

Key Features common in the OpASSIST Family

  • Ball bearings on linear, rotary movements - The torque arm moves freely vertically, horizontally and rotationally about the vertical axis.
  • Uses spring balancers to hold the tool up, so even if air pressure is lost it will not drop the tool onto the work piece or operator.
  • More options for mounting your tool - Custom tool holders are available
  • Comes standard with bench and celling (inverted) mounting
  • Cable and hose management kits included
  • NLL/NLL and NLE/NLE PRO arms are interchangeable in their respective family. If your application changes you can change from a elbow to a linier arm or vice-versa
  • Lighter Push Down Force - Spring balancers are mounted to a rotating arm that adjusts up and down the vertical column allowing adjustment for the balancers travel. Other products mount the balancer on the top of the stand requiring most of the balancer's travel to be used. This increases the push down force required by the operator. The OpAssist tool stand is one of the only products designed to work intelligently with an automatic screwfeeder.


Carlson Systems Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing Systems

TTP offers a full line of standard Carlson systems that combines their lines of handheld drivers, fixtured drivers and screw feeders into highly efficient systems that can compliment most manufacturing or assembly applications. We offer several options and add-ons to the line that further customize these standard systems for better integration into various applications.

In addition to their standard systems, Technical Tool Products is also highly competent in creating custom systems for your specific application. Should you find a need that falls outside the scope of these standard systems and options – just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll design it, configure it, build it and deliver it!

Handheld Systems, Single Spindle Systems, Dual Spindle Systems, Multi Spindle Systems

Drive Cells Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing Drive Cells All of Carlson Engineering's drive cells offer considerable benefits in both quality control and productivity. Better material handling features such as automatic loading and off-loading of parts assures the integrity of finished parts throughout the fastening process. The drive cells also assure the component part is in place correctly before screws are installed, cutting down on assembly defects.

Because each Drive Cell is customized per the application, there are countless configurations available. TTP is eager to discuss your next assembly project to see what we can offer you for a cost-effective solution to you or your customer's automated screw driving / assembly needs.

All Carlson drive cells are custom designed to meet specific needs. These products are designed in 3D using Solidworks and we provide 3D models of the components to speed up your design, layout and approval process. The use of solid models reduces errors by providing a clearer understanding of our product and how it will integrate with your design. Carlson Engineering's website has several drive cell examples available which are illustrated in Solidworks and are typical of the design development phase of a new project.

TTP's sales engineers will assist you with the process of choosing and designing your drive cell. Your regional engineer will meet you at your plant to observe the application and discuss your needs in depth. We will also provide a project manager to streamline the process of design, approvals, production, and delivery. Contact TTP today to be connected the sales engineer in  your area.

Robotic Cells, Single Spindle Cells, Multi-Spindle Cells