Improving safety, efficiency and reliability in lifting and material handling.

Demag, a Terex Brand, has the world's largest installed base of overhead cranes and hoists including bridge cranes, traveling cranes, freestanding cranes, workstation cranes, crane kits, end trucks, electric chain hoists and rope hoists, inspection, service and parts.


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Demag is world-renowned as a leader in industrial cranes and material handling solutions. As a Demag distributor for Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, TTP brings the value of their products closer to your challenges. Added benefits from choosing Technical Tool Products as a supplier include:

TTP has more “feet on the street” than others. This means you will receive individualized attention as each of our Regional Sales Managers has a customer centric focus and can ensure you get the solution, support and service you need. Our technical sales personnel are located in Council Bluffs, IA, Sioux Falls, SD, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and Fargo, ND. We have demonstration products that can be tested on-site in your application. 

We are experts in fields of Material Handling in manufacturing facilities. Combined with our expertise in Assembly Technology we have over thirteen years of experience providing solutions in these areas. We have many valuable resources available to us, combining the experience of our team and partner suppliers. 

TTP is responsive to any issues that arise at any point, before or after the purchase order. We can provide design and engineering. We provide a Project Manager as the applications require. We can provide help selection of accessories and flow analysis. We can also assist with installation.

Our capabilities do not end at providing a  crane, hoist or other ergonomic lifting solution. We have conductor bar and many solutions “below the hook” including structural mechanical lifting devices, vacuum lifters, magnets, and grapples and custom end effecters. We can provide installation, inspection and service through our network of partners. 

Demag Cranes & Components Products

Process Cranes Demag Process Cranes

Demag’s process cranes are designed and built to meet the specific requirements of your production processes. In this way, Demag ensures high safety, efficiency and availability for your installations. Demag and Technical Tool Products have extensive expertise and knowledge of our customers' specific industrial processes in many industries including  paper, process integration, recycling and bulk handling, aircraft, steel production and steel handling.  Contact TTP to learn more about how Demag cranes are being used in your industry, and how they can help with your application.

Universal Cranes Demag Universal Cranes

Demag’s product portfolio includes single and double-girder overhead traveling cranes and suspension cranes. In addition to universal cranes with welded box-section girders, they offer solutions with rolled steel sections, wall-mounted traveling cranes, and crane sets.  Visit the links below and contact TTP for more information.

EKKE Single-Girder Overhead Traveling Cranes with Box-Section Girders,   EDKE Single-Girder Suspension Cranes with Rolled-Section GirdersZKKE Double-Girder Overhead Traveling Cranes with Box-Section Girders,  EKWK Wall-Mounted Traveling Cranes, Crane Kits,   EHPE and ZHPE Semi-Gantry Cranes, EVPE and ZVPE Full-Gantry Cranes

KBK Light Crane System Demag KBK Light Crane System

Demag’s KBK modular crane system can meet your specific application requirements precisely, quickly and efficiently. The system was launched 50 years ago, and has helped establish Demag as a world market leader in the modular crane system sector. The components of our modular system can be combined to create individual suspension monorail, suspension crane, pillar and wall-mounted slewing jib crane solutions. KBK installations are flexible and can be integrated easily into any production infrastructure, and modified at any time.  Contact TTP to find out more.

KBK Aluline, KBK Single-Girder Suspension Cranes, KBK Double-Girder Suspension Cranes,   KBK Overhung and Extending Cranes, KBK Suspension Monorails, KBK Freestanding Workstation Cranes, Pillar and Wall-Mounted Slewing Jibs

Components for Process Cranes Demag Components for Process Cranes

Demag’s MPW open winch units, MPW open winch trolleys and corner-bearing end carriages are proven components that have been configured to meet your specific process crane requirements.

MPW Open Winch, MPW Open Winch Trolleys, KTL Corner-Bearing End Carriages


Hoist Units
Compact Hoists Demag Compact Chain Hoists Demag compact hoist units offer outstanding performance, reliability and a high level of operating safety in daily use.

Demag sets a new industry benchmark with their DC-Pro chain hoist, which already includes a large number of equipment features as standard. They offer a variety of compact hoist units in finely graded load capacities from 80 kg to 5,000 kg. One example: DC-Wind for service work on wind turbines. Two other examples: Manulift for handling loads quickly and safely with only one hand and SpeedHoist for ergonomic load handling at even higher speeds.

See all the performance details and benefits on the product pages.  Technical Tool Products has specific models available to test, and trial programs are also available from the factory.  Contact us to learn more and set up your demo.

DC-Pro Chain Hoist, DCS-Pro Chain Hoist, DCM-Pro Manulift, DCMS-Pro Manulift, DC-Com Chain Hoist, Trolleys for Chain Hoists, D-SH SpeedHoist, DC-Wind chain hoist, E-balancer

Rope Hoists Demag Rope Hoists

Demag rope hoists feature high handling rates, cost-effective operation and maximum safety. As basic hoist units for integration into plant and machinery or as lifting solutions with electronic controls that are optimised for crane applications, with our wide range of rope hoists we offer the optimum solution to meet our customers' specific requirements for efficiently lifting loads weighing up to 100 tonnes. Contact TTP to find out more about the lifting solutions we offer.

DR-Pro Rope Hoists, DH Hoist Units, DR-Com Rope Hoists

MPW Open Winch Units Demag Multipurpose Open Winch Units Demag's MPW (Multi Purpose Winch) open winch crabs are as variable as the needs that they have to meet. Individually configured from reliable system components, they also satisfy the most demanding quality requirements. Their variable configuration makes it possible to implement the most efficient technical solution for your application. Further benefits of MPW open winch units:

   - matching modular components
   - compact arrangement of drive, brake and gearbox
   - high level of safety thanks to a second hoist brake
   - clear interfaces for ease of assembly and maintenance
   - minimum maintenance requirement and easy to service.

Crane Sets crane + component package

TTP also offers tailored component packages for crane installations.  Demag crane sets guarantee maximum quality, efficiency and reliability. They are based on standardised components for a wide variety of specific application configurations. Every component reflects decades of expertise in all aspects of crane design. You benefit from decisive advantages:

   - complete packages of components tailored to meet specific needs for single and double-girder overhead travelling cranes and suspension cranes
   - for single and double crab operation
   - hoists to meet application requirements: Demag rope and chain hoists
   - optimum combination
   - user-friendly assembly on the plug-&-play principle
   - high safety, reliability and efficiency.


KBK Light Crane System
50 years of KBK  

Ground-breaking industrial progress has always been built on a core element: experience.  Experience delivers the expertise and know-how to meet challenges for solutions that are not only safe, but also reliable. Experience is also the basis for innovative new developments – as clearly demonstrated over the last 50 years.

This webpage offers an overview of the most important benefits of Demag's KBK crane systems, and gives examples of some of the ways Demag KBK cranes are being used in a wide variety of applications.

KBK Aluline kbk overhead suspension crane KBK Aluline is the right solution wherever a track and crane installation has to deliver high performance at a minimum weight. KBK Aluline is used in a very wide range of applications and enables customers to design almost any overhead suspension crane or monorail system with smooth operation. KBK Aluline features:
  • extremely low weight coupled with high rigidity
  • very smooth operation thanks to tightly integrated system components
  • convenient handling loads of weighing up to 2,200 lbs (1,000 KG)
  • enables future modifications due to modular system design
  • aluminium and proven steel profile sections can be combined in one installation
KBK Single-Girder Suspension Cranes single girder suspension cranes Single-girder suspension cranes from our KBK modular crane system enable customers to quickly and reliablly handle and precisely position a variety of goods. KBK single-girder suspension cranes feature:
  • Modular system design
  • Smooth and reliable handling
  • Smooth manual travel
  • Cost-effective implementation
  • Customer-specific configuration to meet individual requirements
KBK Double-Girder Suspension Cranes double girder suspension crane Double-girder suspension cranes from our KBK modular crane system enable goods to be easily transported. KBK double-girder suspension cranes provide fast, reliable and precise positioning for all loads, including heavy loads with large span dimensions. KBK double-girder suspension cranes feature:
  • Cost-effective implementation
  • Modular system design
  • Smooth and reliable handling
  • Favorable installation dimensions
  • Rated for loads weighing up to 7,000 lbs (3,200 kg)
KBK Overhung and Extending Cranes kbk overhung extending crane Loads can be moved beyond the crane runway using overhung and extending cranes from our KBK modular crane system. These solutions offer greater room to maneuver and facilitate optimum utilization of the available space. Our solutions to meet specific requirements include:
  • Overhung cranes which are fitted with crane girders that extend beyond the width of the crane runway
  • Extending cranes that consist of a fixed section and a crane section that can extend in both directions
  • Crane girders that extend over 8ft (2.5m) beyond the runway span
  • Large overhang – constant or variable
KBK Manipulator Cranes demag manipulator cranes KBK manipulator cranes are an oustanding example for the versatility of Demag's KBK light crane system. They can be designed to meet the exact needs of a wide variety of loads, processes and production conditions. They reliably accommodate kick-up forces with great positioning accuracy – and at high operating speeds. Further strengths include:
  • optimum positioning of workpieces and sub-assemblies into the most favourable positions for the relevant process
  • workplaces, machinery and installations can be served from almost any direction
  • installations can be built with steel or aluminium profile sections
KBK Suspension Monorails suspension monorail KBK suspension monorails meet customers specific requirements for linear, overhead handling and include the following features:
  • simple, manually operated straight sections; optional aluminium profile sections
  • load capacities up to 7,000 lbs (3,200 kg)
  • flexible routing by means of straight and curved sections, track switches and turntables
  • direct link between pick-up and deposit points in reversing operation or a closed circuit
  • manual operation, semi- or fully automated designs
Pillar and Wall-Mounted Slewing Jibs wall mounted slewing jib crane Manually handling or moving relatively light loads is often unsafe, time-consuming and an ergonomic burden for employees. Together with a wide selection of hoist units, Demag slewing jibs and cranes enable loads to be lifted and transported quickly and easily, deposited gently and precisely. In turn, improving safety and efficiency.
  • light and fast load handling
  • ease of operation and high operating safety and reliability
  • load capacities up to 5T
  • simple installation using fittings included in the system
KBK Stacker Cranes kbk stacker crane Our KBK stacker cranes make it possible to complete all storage and handling tasks in one operating cycle without the need for ladders, order-picking trolleys or similar equipment. Unit loads, containers or pallets weighing up to 1,000 lbs (500 kg) can be safely and reliably transported, sorted and stored.
  • Combination of KBK double-girder suspension crane and special stacker trolley
  • Load handling attachments to match the load – forks, prongs, grippers and other attachments can be supplied
KBK Portal Cranes portable cranes

KBK portal cranes are the ideal solution wherever a permanent crane would be too complicated or cannot be installed. They run on solid, even floors and can be easily maneuvered in any direction. This makes them ideal for a wide variety of loading and unloading operations in your factory as well as for maintenance and repair work.

Additional Benefits

  • Load capacity up to 3,200 kg
  • Crane girder span can be adjusted over a wide range
  • Optimally suited for repair and assembly work
  • Ideal for help in loading and unloading operations


Motors industrial drive motors Demag motors perform a wide variety of industrial drive tasks reliably and effectively. For example, their type Z cylindrical-rotor brake motors – also as brake motors – offer high drive efficiency – also in continuous duty. They are specially designed to match our gearbox range and provide for simple project engineering. Demag's conical-rotor brake motors with outputs of up to 55 kW are used for stopping-and-starting drives or for direct line-fed travel applications. Thanks to their unique brake principle, they are the first choice wherever demanding requirements have to be met by the brake.

Cylindrical-rotor motors, Conical-rotor brake motors

Geared Motors geared motors Demag's geared motors are configured from a modular range of motors and gearboxes that are designed for a perfect match. Their modular system enables them to implement solutions tailored to meet your needs quickly and cost-effectively using standardised sub-assemblies to create offset geared motors, angular geared motors and helical geared motors.

This saves you valuable project engineering time – and gives you the certainty of reliable specification. At the same time, you benefit from Demag's extensive design and application expertise in every module.

Type A Offset Geared Motors, Type W Angular Geared Motors, Type D Helical Geared Motors, Microspeed Units

Wheel Range wheels and wheel systems for cranes

Demag wheels and wheel block systems are designed and manufactured as modular solutions for a wide variety of applications.
They are used in countless mobile devices and systems – as single components or as complete travel units. They demonstrate their high reliability and long service life in operation every day – with only a minimum maintenance requirement. Simple installation and alignment, favourable dimensions and a wide variety of versatile connection options make these wheel systems particularly cost-effective. The broad range covers wheel loads up to 60 tonnes. See all the performance details and benefits on the product pages and contact TTP for more info.

DRS wheel block system, LRS travel wheel system, RS wheel block system, DWS wheel sets

Frequency Inverters frequency inverters for industrial cranes Demag frequency inverters ensure that your motors deliver the performance that you expect. We offer solutions for virtually all drive applications with our Dedrive Pro and Dedrive Compact STO ranges. To meet even the most demanding requirements.

Dedrive Pro and Dedrive Compact STO provide optimum utilisation of motor output for variable speed control. The starting current is limited and, at the same time, the motor and gearbox loads are reduced – any mechanical elements (including the crane girders and crane runway) are protected and loads are transported smoothly and gently.  See all the performance details and benefits on the product pages below.

Dedrive Compact STO, Dedrive Pro

Crane End Carriages end carriage for crane

Demag crane end carriages, which come in various designs, offer flexibility and high operating reliability. These compact, modular rail-mounted travel units can be connected direct to crane girders and load-bearing structures. The end carriages consist of a torsionally rigid box section and complete travel units with geared motors and wheels from the Demag modular system, which can be configured for all load capacity ranges. These combinations result in solutions to meet specific application requirements for safe crane and machinery travel motions that are kind to the rails.

KTL corner-bearing end carriages, DFW end carriages

Power Supply Lines conductors and power supply lines for industrial cranes Demag power supply lines and conductors are extremely rugged systems for supplying power and control signals to mobile equipment. They feature high transmission reliability and ease of installation and maintenance. And they are equally suitable for applications on cranes and other rail-mounted equipment in harsh outdoor operating conditions and in dusty working environments.

Depending on requirements, our power supply lines and conductors can be supplied in various designs with different numbers of poles.

See all the performance details and benefits on the product pages below.
DCL-Pro Compact Conductor Line,  DKK Compact Conductor Line, DEL Single Conductors


Control Pendants and Wireless Control Systems control pendants for cranes Control your cranes, machinery and installations with our wire-connected control pendants – and utilise the wide choice of configuration options. Or profit from the maximum flexibility, safety and reliability offered by our radio and infrared controls.

All of our Demag controls give you ergonomic design, convenient operation and many opportunities to tailor the solution to meet the needs of your application.

See all the performance details and benefits on the product pages, and talk to your sales engineer to learn more.

DRC-DC radio control system, DRC-MP radio control system, IR infrared control system, DSE control pendants, DSK control pendants, DST control pendants

Conductors and Power Supply Lines

Demag power supply lines and conductors are extremely rugged systems for supplying power and control signals to mobile equipment. They feature high transmission reliability and ease of installation and maintenance. And they are equally suitable for applications on cranes and other rail-mounted equipment. In harsh outdoor operating conditions and in dusty working environments.

Depending on requirements, these power supply lines and conductors can be supplied in various designs with different numbers of poles.

See all the performance details and benefits on the product pages below and contact TTP today for a quote or to talk to a local sales rep in your area.

DCL-Pro compact conductor line, DKK compact conductor line, DEL single conductors

Compact Magnets compact magnets and battery magnets for industrial lifting

In the comprehensive range of Demag compact magnets, you can always find the right solution for handling and transporting sheet and plate metal and metal parts. Choose from permanent and battery magnets, which operate independently of a power supply, and versatile round magnets.

Whatever solution you choose, these compact magnets guarantee safe, convenient and reliable handling of all magnetisable loads at all times.

Permanent Magnets, Round Magnets, Battery Magnets