Gorbel Tether Track Fall Protection Systems

Do you have a fall protection plan in place?  And if so, is it meeting the OSHA and ANSI standards?  If not, or if you’re not sure, you may be vulnerable to costly fines and litigation, not to mention worker endangerment, and the medical and compensation costs that can result from a fall-related injury.

Technical Tool Products is well versed in worker safety and the requirements surrounding fall protection in the general industry and manufacturing.  Call us today and we will send an engineer to perform an evaluation of your current system at no cost to you.

For those looking to improve worker protection, Gorbel’s Tether Track™ is the fall protection system our safety experts at Technical Tool Products recommend.

Did you know….

- In 2009 alone, over 600 workers died in fall-related incidents, and 200,000 more were seriously injured (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
- Fall protection is required at only 4’ for the general industry (OSHA regulation 1910, Subparts D and F)
- Lack of fall protection equipment has been the #1 OSHA fined violation for the last 3 years

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Why Choose Tether Track?

• No guesswork in selecting the best anchor point
• Supports multiple workers
• Passing capability without disconnecting
• Stops the fall in a much shorter distance
• Greatly reduces secondary fall injuries such as swinging into objects
• A second worker will not be suddenly jerked up when the first worker falls.
• Enclosed track – no need for cleaning/maintenance, and trolley moves smoother since dirt and dust is kept off the rolling surface
• 2-degree taper keeps trolley centered and prevents it from sticking
• Exceeds OSHA & ANSI standards – supports falling off the side of things rather than just straight down
• Structural modifications are usually not required when installing Tether Track
• Each system is custom designed and engineered for the specific application.

Gorbel Tether Track systems provide the highest degree of mobility and safety, while reducing the risk of injury in elevated work environments. The foundation of Tether Track Fall Arrest Systems is the enclosed track, exclusively designed for easy movement. The enclosed track keeps dirt and dust from settling on the rolling surface, allowing the trolley to move smoothly and remain centered directly over the worker creating a shorter fall distance and reducing the risk of swing fall injuries.
Tether Trolleys are a key component in Gorbel’s Tether Track Fall Arrest Systems. Tether Trolleys were engineered specifically for fall protection applications to provide fluid movement and stability. The three wheel design prevents binding inside the track, even when side loaded up to 30 degrees. This means that as the worker moves, the trolley moves, as well. Tether Trolleys use DURACOMP4 wheels, a proprietary material that delivers unmatched durability and consistent long-term performance. To match the 2 degree taper of the lower running flange of the Tether Track™ rail, the wheels are also tapered 2 degrees, keeping the trolley centered in the track for effortless movement.
Unlike wire rope systems, Gorbel Tether Track Fall Arrest Systems deliver shorter free fall distances, reduced risk of secondary fall injuries such as swinging into obstacles, and no negative impact on a second worker in the event of a fall. Plus, Tether Track Fall Arrest Systems feature longer distances between support centers and put less stress on buildings.

Request a Solution today, or call us to schedule a no-cost safety evaluation with Technical Tool Products Gorbel-certified sales engineers.

System Configurations

Ceiling Mounted Monorail System

Unlimited monorail lengths with up to 50ft between supports.

Free Standing Monorail System

Available in cantilevered or goal post designs. Standard support cenres from 7ft to 35ft and up to 50' custom designed.

Bridge System

Consists of two runways and a traveling bridge. Available in free standing or ceiling mounted designs, with unlimited runway lengths and up to 30ft bridge spans.

Swing Arm System

Provide circular or semicircular fall protection with a compact footprint.

Fold Away Systems

Deploy as needed, then fold away when done.

Single Pole System

Space saving design utilizes only one freestanding support with single foundation.

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