Lewco, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of two quality product lines: Industrial Ovens and Unit handling Conveyors. Both product lines bring the LEWCO Value Proposition to market; quality products, on-time, at a competitive price.

Lewco's Industrial Oven & Furnace products include batch ovens, mesh belt conveyor ovens, roller hearth and chain conveyor ovens, large field-assembled ovens, as well as high temperature furnaces.

Standard conveyor products include belt conveyors; chain and belt driven live roller conveyors; chain and roller transfers; turntables, and a number of gravity roller conveyors. Their specialty is pallet and container handling equipment.

Lewco’s competitive advantage lies in their ability to easily customize products from a vast library of standard product designs to meet specific customer requirements thereby providing a custom solution at a cost effective price.

All Lewco products are manufactured under an ISO 9001: 2008 quality system focused on continuous improvement of the Lewco Value Proposition.


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Lewco’s attention to quality and customer satisfaction makes their conveyors and industrial ovens a great value for customers, and as a distributor for them, TTP works hard to uphold these same principles and bring you even more value. Added benefits from choosing Technical Tool Products as a supplier include:

Technical Tool Products has more “feet on the street” than others. This means you will receive individualized attention as each of our Regional Sales Managers has a customer centric focus and can ensure you get the solution, support and service you need. Our technical sales personnel are located in Council Bluffs, IA, Sioux Falls, SD, Twin Cities, MN and Fargo, ND. 

We are experts in fields of Material Handling in manufacturing facilities. Combined with our expertise in Assembly Technology we have over thirteen years of experience providing solutions in these areas. We have many valuable resources available to us, combining the experience of our team and partner suppliers. 

Technical Tool Products is responsive to any issues that arise at any point, before or after the purchase order. We can provide design and engineering. We provide a Project Manager as the applications require. We can provide help selection of accessories and flow analysis. We can also assist with installation. We are a certified Repair Center with factory trained technicians. 

Our capabilities do not end at providing a material handling or heating solution. – that’s where we begin. We can provide many solutions within 100 feet of the tool – conveyor, ergonomic lifting devices, cranes and hoists, workstations and error-proofing products. We have everything you need to start or enhance an assembly line or cell – power tools, engineering, layout design, project management and installation support. 

LEWCO, Inc. Products

Conveyor Products
Gravity Conveyors Lewco Gravity Conveyors Gravity Roller Conveyors are ideal for applications that require an economical, non-powered means for conveying material. LEWCO offers a broad range of light, medium and heavy duty models to accommodate any application. We offer 1", 1.9", 2.5", 2.562", and 3.5" rollers in a variety of frame and finish options. To see videos of this and other products, visit the LEWCO conveyor youtube page or contact TTP to arrange to see the conveyors in person.
Belt Conveyors Lewco Belt Conveyors

Slider bed belt conveyors provide a reliable way of transporting products in assembly, sorting, testing and packaging applications. To see pictures of various belt conveyor solutions from LEWCO, visit the media section of their website.

To begin discussing your application with our engineers, fill out the new conveyor inquiry form on the LEWCO section of our resources page, and email it to info@technicaltoolproducts.com.

Belt Driven Roller Conveyors Lewco Belt-Driven Roller Conveyors

Lewco offers a variety of belt driven roller conveyors.  View the links below to see specifications for each model, and contact TTP for more information and pricing.

Medium Duty Belt Driven Roller with 1.90" Diameter Rollers, Medium Duty Narrow Belt Driven Roller with 1.90" Diameter Rollers, Heavy Duty Belt Driven Roller with 2.50" Diameter Rollers, Heavy Duty Belt Driven Roller with 2.62" Diameter Rollers, Curved Belt Drive Roller Conveyor with 2.50" Diameter Tapered rollers, Spur/Curve Combination Belt Driven Roller with 2.50" Diameter Tapered Rollers, Zero Pressure Belt Driven Roller with 1.90" Diameter Rollers, Zero Pressure Belt Driven Roller with 2.50" Diameter Rollers, Zero Pressure Belt Driven Roller with 2.62" Diameter Rollers

Chain Driven Roller Conveyors Lewco Chain-Driven Roller Conveyor Lewco’s chain driven live roller conveyors offer a positive drive for handling heavier loads of drums, castings, and tote pans. They can be used in wet, oily, or contaminated applications because of their rugged construction. To hear examples of how other TTP customers are using this durable conveyor, contact TTP.  Visits to other customers' facilities may also be arranged.
Multi-Strand Chain Conveyors Lewco Multi-Strand Chain Conveyors Model MSCC, multi-strand chain conveyor, is a drag chain conveyor typically used for pallets with bottom configurations not conveyable on roller conveyors. Its design is suitable for extreme environments because of the low number of moving component parts and limited amount of required maintenance.  A heavy duty version of this conveyor is also available which incorporates C80 roller chain and 4 gage welded chain strand construction for extreme applications. Contact TTP to talk to a nearby sales engineer about our conveyor options and determine what conveyor system is best for your application.
Conveyor Accessories and Supports Lewco Conveyor Accessories & Supports Walkover plates, end stops, guard rails, high speed pushers, supports, pneumatic conveyor stops, pneumatic roller brakes, pop-up blade stops, escapement devices
Conveyor Components and Rollers Lewco Conveyor Components and Rollers Loose gravity rollers, groove rollers, and sprocket rollers
Hinge Gates Lewco Hinge Gates

Hinged conveyor gates provide convenient, economical passageway for personnel or other equipment such as lift trucks or pallet jacks to either side of a conveyor line.  Lewco offers both manual conveyor gates and spring assisted conveyor gates. 

TTP also sells hinge gate accessories such as adjustable channel guard rails, groove rollers, and sprocket rollers.  Contact us to learn more and get current pricing.

Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors Lewco Hinged Steel belt Conveyors Steel Hinge Belt Conveyors are available in a variety of configurations (Z, L, P, H) and with a variety of incline angles. Designed for heavy duty use, they are typically configured with a press for part or scrap removal.  Contact TTP for more information.
Heavy Duty Slat Conveyors Lewco Heavy Duty Slat Conveyors

The SL6, 6" Pitch Heavy Duty Slat Conveyor is designed for heavy duty applications and long lasting service. It can be used for production, assembly line, and many other applications where a flat conveying surface is desired. This conveyor is suitable for conveying hot and oily parts. Conveyor slats can be modified for mounting assembly fixtures. Contact us to be connected with a sales engineer in your area who can assist with selecting a conveyor, line layout, choosing accessories, and more.

Transfer Cars and Power Transfers   Transfer Cars, Valve stands, Power Transfer Cars, Pop-up transfers
Turntables Lewco Turntables TTP offers both powered and manual (non-powered) LEWCO turntables.  Many can be used in pass thru conveyor lines with gravity conveyors.
24 Volt Conveyors Lewco 24 Volt Conveyors LEWCO offers a number of conveyor models utilizing 24 volt DC technology, including chain driven live roller, belt driven live roller, belt and chain conveyor models, providing rugged conveying capability with advanced technology for zone accumulation. With LEWCO’s technology, zero pressure accumulation conveyors can be constructed without the normal limitations of most o-ring drive conveyors.
  • Reduced Energy Usage From Conventional Designs
  • Runs Heavy Loads- Up to 1,500 Pounds Per Zone
  • Runs Longer Zones, Means Less Drives
  • Lower Installation and Maintenance Costs
  • Multi-function cables provide combined power and data signals


  • Pallet handling
  • Machinery lines
  • Automotive parts
  • Packages & totes
  • Assembly operations
  • Automation cells

See an example application on LEWCO's youtube page: DC conveyor, DC conveyor closeup.  To learn more about the benefits of this green system, plan your own conveyor, and get a quote, contact TTP!

Custom Conveyor Solutions   If you require a custom solution, please contact TTP. We excel and tailoring solutions to meet your needs, and Lewco shares our vision and will work with you and the TTP team to provide your customized conveyor product meets and exceeds your expectations in every way. To get started, visit the Lewco section of our Resources page and fill out the new conveyor inquiry form. Then contact TTP at 952-974-3042 or email us at info@technicaltoolproducts.com.


Process Heating Products
Batch Ovens

Batch Ovens

LEWCO batch ovens and conveyor ovens are frequent choices for applications such as composite curing, heat treating, dyring, preheating, baking solvent and water based paints, curing powder coatings, drying & curing epoxies & resins, curing e-coatings, annealing metals & plastics, stress relieving metals & plastics, and aging aluminum.  Contact TTP to hear more about these and other applications, and see why LEWCO is often company's first choice for these applications.

Walk In Ovens

LEWCO Walk-In Ovens are the most versatile of all standard configurations. LEWCO Walk-In Ovens are available with either dual or horizontal air flow, these models are best suited for processing large parts or material on carts or racks. Standard units are available with work-spaces from 80-1000 cubic feet and are shipped factory tested and fully assembled.

Cabinet Ovens
LEWCO Cabinet Ovens feature horizontal air flow for processing small or flat parts on shelves or trays. Standard models are available from 8-64 cubic feet and are offered in either top or bottom mounted heat chambers.

Field Assembled Ovens
LEWCO field assembled ovens take advantage of knocked-down construction which facilitates a cost-effective installation of an oven too large to ship as a complete assembly. Standard design and construction techniques have been developed to minimize field installation time. Each oven is shipped with a fully assembled heater/burner box, all controls, and a complete set of installation instructions and drawings. Available in most any size, these models are rated for service to 500°F.

Conveyor Ovens

LEWCO Conveyor Ovens set the industry standard for heavy-duty construction in a cost effective, continuous process oven.   A variety of pre-engineered, standard conveyor designs, including belt, roller, chain & slat as well as overhead conveyor, allow TTP to provide a LEWCO solution to suit most any continuous oven application in a variety of industries.

LEWCO conveyor oven applications include:
 - Composite Curing
 - Drying
 - Preheating/Heat Treating
 - Paint Baking & Drying
 - Curing Powder Coatings
 - Drying & Curing Epoxies & Resins
 - Curing E-Coatings
 - Stress Relieving Metals & Plastics
 - Annealing Metals & Plastics

Technical Tool Products can provide more information about other applications that utilized conveyor ovens, and even take you to visit one of our customers facilities to see it first hand in an industrial setting. Contact us to hear more!

LEWCO Conveyor Ovens are available in both electric and direct fired natural gas heat.  Optional heating mediums include steam, hot water, and hot oil.  These ovens are available in four temperature ranges: 350° F, 500° F, 650° F, and 800° F.  Vertical down air flow is standard although dual or horizontal air flow patterns are also available.  Standard conveyor ovens are provided with 24” load and unload areas at both entrance and exit end of the oven.  Note that these can be lengthened upon request.
Conveyor oven control systems include variable speed conveyor drives that can be operated in either continuous or timed Index mode.  Data loggers, programmable logic controllers (PLC) and operator interface terminals (OIT) are also available for increased functionality.   Single point process temperature controllers and a redundant high limit controller are standard.

Three standard conveyor types are offered and most ovens are available in standard work space sizes: 12” increments of width and length, and 6” increments of height.  Standard models from 12” wide x 60” (5 ft.) long x 6” high up to 60” wide x  360 “ (30 ft.) long x 36” high.

Belt Conveyor Ovens, Chain & Slat Conveyor Ovens, Roller Conveyor Ovens

Drum Heating Products

LEWCO, Inc. is the world leader in the design and manufacture of 55-Gallon Drum Heating Cabinets, (also known as hot boxes), and Drum Heating Tunnels.  LEWCO’s product line offers standard cost effective models for melting, viscosity reduction, elevated temperature storage and general industrial heating applications.  All models feature all-welded steel, heavy-duty construction and simple, user-friendly controls.

LEWCO Drum and Tote Heaters are available in electric, steam, hot water, or hot oil heat.

Electrically Heated Models employ low watt density resistance heaters, encased in seal-welded tubing.  Standard controls include an electronic process controller and redundant high-limit controller housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure with full voltage lockable disconnect.
Caution:  Electrically heated models are not suitable for heating flammable or combustible materials.

Steam, Hot Water or Hot Oil Models employ finned pipe heat exchangers rated for service up to 200 psig.  Standard control options include a self-acting (non-electric) control system as well as the standard electronic control system similar to the above but with a modulating control valve and high limit solenoid valve.

Contact TTP to learn more about these products and get current pricing. If you would like to see them in person, please let us know!

Low Profile Drum Heating Cabinets, Standard Profile Drum Heating Cabinets, Vertical Profile Drum Heating Cabinets,  Standard Profile Tote Heating Cabinets, Vertical Profile Tote Heating Cabinets, Drum Heating Tunnels

Custom Process Heating Applications In addition to these standard industrial oven product offerings, TTP and Lewco also have the capability to design Custom industrial Ovens and material handling equipment to meet unique, customer specific application requirements.  Contact TTP to be connected to a sales engineer in MN, SD, ND, NE, IA, or WI.
Furnace Products  

Bell Annealing Furnaces
LEWCO, Inc. designs and manufactures bell annealing furnaces based on the Lee Wilson furnace technology. Bell annealing furnaces are ideally suited for rod/wire annealing, steel sheet coils and copper alloy sheet coils.

Gas Vacuum Furnaces
LEWCO also offers a gas-vacuum furnace line for smaller loads of annealing, tempering, stress relief and various other processing. This unique design uses vacuum purge to eliminate oxygen and impurities from the furnace before backfilling with nitrogen and then employing a high convection fan system for uniformity.

Furnace Replacement Parts
LEWCO / Lee Wilson Replacement Parts and Alloy Fabrications for High Temperature Service are available. This includes radiant tubes, load support hardware, inner covers and retorts.

You can find more information about Lewco products at www.lewcoinc.com. Contact Technical Tool Products at 952-974-3042 or info@technicaltoolproducts.com to be connected with a sales engineerer in your region. TTP is an authorized Lewco distributor serving Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.