Industrial Lift Tables

Technical Tool Products also provides industrial lift tables both as part of our complete solutions, or on their own. We have two vendors for these products which are both vetted by our team and excellent choices for your material handling needs. For orders and inquiries, call our office at 1-866-TEC-TOOL (866-832-8665), or email

Technical Tool Products supplies material handling products to the upper midwest including Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. For service outside this area please visit the Bishamon and Autoquip websites to find a dealer in your area.

Lift Tables

Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor Lift Tables are a popular and efficient industrial lift, providing years of trouble-free, dependable operation.

We provide Scissor Lift Tables in a wide variety of configurations, utilizing various power methods: electric, hydraulic, manual, air operated (pneumatic), battery powered, and combination. 

There are many options available, so call Technical Tool Products to speak with a sales engineer and describe your application. This is quickest way to ensure you get the right product without paying extra for features you don't need. If you prefer, you can also request a solution online and we will follow up with you shortly.

Freight Lifts /

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC)

Freight lifts - vertical reciprocating conveyors

Freight Lifts -- also known as vertical reciprocating conveyors -- provide an exceptional solution for transferring high-capacity freight between mezzanine levels.

Dock Lifts

dock lifts Technical Tool Products sells dock lifts with capacities up to 120,000 lbs.

Dock lift families include scissors lifts, vertical ram lifts, truck levelers, vertically stored dock levelers, and bascule transfer bridges.

Dock Lifts are primarily used for moving wheeled or palletized loads onto and from delivery trucks.

All our dock lifts are built with special features to help them withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use. Anti-skid deck plates and beveled toe-guard greatly increase the safe handling of each load, while extra structural steel support enables the lift to withstand impact loading, concentrated wheel loading, off-centered loading, and high rollover loads. Most dock lifts are permanently installed in concrete pits, but some scissors-style lifts are portable for use with multiple dock positions or flat truck delivery areas.

Dock Lifts can be modified or customized to meet the specific requirements of your particular application, so if you have unique needs, request a solution or place a call today to Technical Tool Products.

High Capacity Lifts

high capacity industrial lifts

High capacity lifts include heavy-duty scissor lifts, vertical ram lifts, and VRCs.  Lifts in this category can deliver up to 60 tons of lifting power.

High-capacity material lift conveying systems are commonly used in manufacturing facilities specializing in heavy equipment assembly or transfer. These heavy-duty lifts, rated for 8,000 lbs or more, are specifically designed to improve process flows and material handling safety.

As with most of our products, these lifts can be customized to your application. Contact TTP to discuss your application today.

High Travel Lifts

high travel lifts

High travel material lifts are those that travel 72" or more, and are commonly used for multi-level material transfer and storage, personnel work platforms, and lifting for show or display. These vertical lifts are usually fixed permanently to the floor, due to their large stabilization structures, but most high travel scissors lift models can be made portable. Hydraulic platform lifts and scissors lifts are usually limited to travels of 25 feet, and mechanical VRC lifts can travel up to 100 feet.

Work Platform Lifts

work platform lifts

Work access platform lifts (sometimes referred to as work platforms) can be hydraulically, pneumatically, or mechanically powered to provide an adjustable working surface for personnel performing maintenance, assembly, painting, order picking, or other functions demanding multiple elevations for ergonomic or productivity reasons.

Work platform scissor lifts are usually low capacity, large platform lifts with a variety of non-skid deck configurations and telescoping platform sections.

Turn Tables

industrial rotating turn tables

Equipment turn tables provide a safe and efficient way for workers to easily access all sides of his or her work by rotating the work to the worker. Turn tables also provide a reliable and versatile method for rotating extremely heavy loads. Our manual turn tables offer an ideal solution for harsh industrial environments and are very easy to operate. Powered options are also available.

Relative simplicity, few moving parts, and maintenance-free bushings make turn tables a popular choice for applications requiring a rotating movement -- with a minimal long-term investment cost.


industrial tilters - lift and tilt tables Industrial tilters provide a stable, dependable, and versatile method of positioning or re-orientating loads. Because of their overall simplicity, maintenance-free bushings, and rugged stability, lift and tilt tables and tilters provide many years reliable operation.

Tilters and lift and tilt tables are hydraulically or pneumatically actuated, and tilt products up to 120 degrees. Common applications for industrial tilters include material handling, bin and basket loading and unloading, parts assembly and disassembly, roll handling, palletizing and de-palletizing, work positioning, dumping non-fragile components, and load upending. A tilt and lift table can improve worker ergonomics, productivity, safety, and factory throughput.

For guidance in choosing the right product, customization options, pricing, and more, request a solution or email us at

Vertical Ram Lifts

Vertical ram lifts Autoquip has been manufacturing vertical ram lifts since 1947, and continues to be one of the few companies to still offer this unique style of hydraulic lift.

With very few moving parts to maintain, extremely low hydraulic pressures, and the ability to travel extremely high while boasting one of the highest axle load capacities in the industry, Autoquip Vertical Ram Lifts are the simplest and most rugged of all lifting solutions with extreme lifting capabilities.

Vertical lifts are typically provided with either one or two rams. However, designs with four rams, which create more than 200,000 lbs. of vertical lifting force, are available. Vertical ram platform lifts are permanent installations, require a pit, and are fully customizable.

Bascule Bridges

temporary bascule bridge industrial drawbridge Bascule Bridges are hydraulically operated drawbridges used to temporarily span a traffic way - such as a railway spur, alleyway, or dock-to-truck loading platform. The hydraulic bridge leaf/platform can be raised and safely stored in the full vertical position when not in use, eliminating the possibility of interference with rail or other cross-traffic.  Bascule Bridges are available in single leaf for short spans across single rail spurs, double leaf for longer spans crossing two or more rail tracks and double wide, permitting two-way traffic across the leaves.

Autoquip has been manufacturing industrial bascule bridges for over 35 years, and is one of the few companies to still offer this unique style of hydraulic drawbridge.

Mechanical Lifts

mechanical lift Less common than hydraulic lifts, the mechanical lift provides a unique range of features and benefits for applications calling for more precise control. They are readily programmable and automated, maintain their platform height over extended periods of time, and do not leak oil. Mechanical lifts also offer repeatability in elevation to approximately .06" accuracy.

Because of these unique features, common applications for mechanical lifts include automated or PLC controlled systems, clean room environments, food processing, and critically precise assembly. Autoquip offers mechanical platform lifts and scissors lifts with limited travel to 20 feet, and mechanical VRC lifts with travel up to 100 feet.

Air & Pneumatic Lifts

Pneumatic powered lift table The majority of Autoquip's successful line of air lifts are actually scissor tables equipped with pneumatic actuators, which provide durable and safe lifting solutions for highly impressionable areas - such as explosion-proof or environmentally sensitive locations - and improve worker ergonomics and plant efficiency.

Pneumatic lift tables are powered by either heavy-duty air bag actuators or air cylinders connected to your plant's shop air system. These low cost, easy-to-operate lift systems can travel up to 48" with loads up to 4,000 lbs. Portability options available.

Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lift tables Hydraulic Lifts are the most common and proven method of lifting heavy loads. Our wide variety of designs and hundreds of accessory options make hydraulic lifts easily customized to individual applications.

Because of their few moving parts, lubricated actuators, and broad industry acceptance, hydraulic lifts provide years of trouble-free operation for a relatively small capital investment.

American Lifts

American Lifts lift table

Technical Tool Products also sells lifts from the American Lift brand. This company has been around for 75 years, and is known for their high quality scissor lifts, cargo lifts, and dock lifts.

In 2009 Autoquip purchased American Lift but still continues to manufacture these products using the same plans. Those who rely on American Lift products can be assured that Autoquip utilizes the same designs and manufacturing proceedures to produce the same quality product that they are familiar with.

Pallet Positioners

EZ loader self-leveling pallet positioner from Bishamon

Bishamon's EZ loader makes it easy to manually load items onto a pallet. As each item is added, the EZ loader adjusts the height so the user never has to bend over, eliminating strain on the worker. It also rotates so instead of having to walk around the pallet while loading it, the user can simply spin the rotating top to get access to the far side of the pallet.  Watch a video demonstration to see how it works, and contact TTP today to find out which model is best suited for your application. Most choices in this product group ship within 48 hours from Bishamon and comes fully assembled.

For floor access pallet positioners, ask for the EZ Off lifter, also manufactured by Bishamon.  A demo can be seen here.

Bishamon Unilift

Bishamon Unilift pallet transport

The Unilift is an all-in-one pallet transport that can:

  • Transport and ergonomically lifts standard GMA pallets up to 36” without cumbersome straddle legs
  • Handles loads up to 2,000 lbs. to a 36” maximum raised height
  • Handles and steers like a standard pallet jack
  • Deployable outrigger technology eliminates cumbersome straddle legs
  • Efficient 24 VAC battery system powers lift operation
  • Multi‐roller fork entry system for easy pallet entry and exit

Watch a video demonstration to see what this product can do, and contact TTP for further information, specs, pricing, and orders.

Skid Lifts

skid lifts- Mobile Load Positioner / Transporter for Skids and Open-Bottom Pallets

Mobile Load Positioner / Transporter for Skids and Open-Bottom Pallets

  • premium wheels and push handle for easy mobility
  • load capacities to 2200 lbs
  • unique captured scissor design provides enhanced stability
  • battery operation and manual lift models available

Pallet Trucks

Bishamon pallet trucks Available in 2500, 5500, and 6500 lb capacities with a variety of fork configurations. Hydraulic power.

TTP sells within the region of MN, WI, IA, NE, ND, SD, and NE. For service outside this area, please visit or