You don’t have to buy tools to benefit
from our expertise.

Technical Tool Products provides several services independent from our product sales. These offerings are available to both new and existing customers in MN, SD, ND, IA, WI, NE. Call or email us at to discuss your needs and determine which of our services would be relevant to your application.

Project Advising and Continuity

One of the challenges in today's manufacturing environment is holding continuity in the assembly process when frequent changes occur on the factory floor. Sometimes engineers move within an organization by choice – Six Sigma or other advancements; sometimes by workforce reductions or departures. No matter the circumstances, important information and data may be lost. Quality may suffer and advancements in technology have to be re-communicated to the next person who takes the position.

TTP can provide the required continuity. Indeed, we may be able to assist in specifying, coordinating, implementing and following thru on an entire project. We've seen thousands of applications across a huge scope of companies – medical technology to heavy equipment. We have experience in project management, line layout, structural design, quality control, error proofing, air systems and many other aspects of manufacturing. Ask yourself why you would spend valuable dollars putting an inexperienced engineer in charge of an important project to learn something one time before he or she moves on to other responsibilities. TTP can bring our experience to help advise, guide or educate as required. Or you can delegate the project to TTP and we'll apply the same world-class principles we have to our other customers. We guarantee you'll be satisfied.

Quality Assurance

One of TTP's greatest strengths is our knowledge of quality in fastening. We provide tool calibrations/validations for many customers. But we also have broad experience in torque monitoring and root cause analysis in fastening. Our test equipment is capable of measuring torque from inch/ounces to thousands of foot-pounds. Our people can provide basic and advanced torque training for one or fifty individuals. We'll help define, create, implement and monitor your quality program, or we can do it all for you. We'll even keep track of the data. Call us today to learn more.

DC Tool Optimization

Too many DC tools have been implemented as glorified air tools. If you haven't taken your tool-cable-controller to the next level, let TTP help you use more of its capability. We can implement error-proofing, operator interfaces, and/or line control. Do you need data to satisfy your end customer, your management team, your quality control group or just yourself? Let TTP show you how your DC tooling can be the most powerful quality control instrument on your assembly line.

Tool Repair

Whether you bought it from us or not, TTP can fix it.  We service many major brands of pneumatic tools and DC electric tools.  Onsite repair and service plans are also available.  Call our shop or email to inquire about specific repairs.

Replacement Parts

TTP also sells genuine replacement parts, for those who have the capability to fix tools in-house. These are ordered through the same channels in which you would purchase tools from us. Call our main line or email

Preventive Maintenance

For more tool service needs, visit our service page or contact us to learn more.